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Converting Landing Pages

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For many companies, it can be difficult to find the winning ingredients to get a landing page to convert. Realistically many companies don’t have the time or resources to find what works and what does not, they will find themselves throwing money out the window in search of something that is hard to understand and build.

Here at Bear Fox Marketing we have put our time and resources to test all the different structures and have found a great solution for our clients who struggle to get it right. If you can follow along we will help you build a winning structure that will promise conversions and start bringing those leads in.

Section One – HERO

This is going to be the most important section of your landing page. If this doesn’t grab the attention of your audience then chances are they will leave your landing page. That is why it is so important to make sure you are speaking to your audience, you show yourself as helpful or useful, have a clear call to action, and make sure your logo is clear and visible so that you can build up your company’s recognition. Here is what that layout might look like.


Big, bold headline about your brand. Speak to the audience about how your company can help them personally.


You have used the header above to grab their attention, now is the time to put trust into your company, whether that’s through an offer, reviews, or a mission statement from your company. 


Having a clear CTA (Call To Action) is key. If your audience has to search and dig through your landing page to get to the next step in the purchase process they will leave. You have kept them on your page long enough to relate to your company, to find trust in your company, and to want to act on what you are offering, so why hide your CTA? 

Section Two – WHY

Your company is going to be unique in one way or another. This is your opportunity to talk about all those points. Don’t be why when explaining what sets you apart and why your audience needs to choose them. This is the time to brag about your company, sales point, pain points, or value props. If you can add in eye-catching icons to really get your point across do it… but stay on brand. 

Section Three – BRAG BAR

You spent the last section bragging about yourself to the audience and why they need you. Now is when you let others tell their story. This is where you will take some of your best, also shorter, reviews/testimonials to highlight your brand. Doing this will let your audience know that you are trustworthy and worth listening to. 

Section Four – SHOP 

Use this space to really sell it. You have a product that people need to buy, so show it off. Your headline should reiterate what the product is and your subheader should add more confidence to your product. Make sure the product name is listed clearly and that reviews are visible. This is a great way to build that brand recognition we mentioned along with building the trust that is so important to buyers. However, a name and review are just the starts to a well-placed product section, you will also need to have your product description, price, an offer (if applicable), along with some product shots. This is also the perfect time to throw in another CTA button.

Section Five – REVIEWS 

MORE REVIEWS! Yes, more reviews and testimonials. The longest form of marketing is word of mouth. Why? Because people like to know that someone outside of your company has tried it and has experienced something positive. Nine out of ten consumers will read reviews before purchasing so we will add them to our landing page to keep them on our site while providing them the information they need to convert. 

Section Six – VALUE PROP

If you have more value propositions than what is listed in the above “why” section, now is a great time to highlight them. If your product has specific steps you can highlight them here as well. This section is here for you to get that crucial information across to your audience along with building up brand recognition. Use icons, images, or colors that speak to your company brand and start making your company stand out from the rest. 

Section Seven – BRAG BAR 2

We will continue to build trust through more logos, reviews, and testimonials. Refer back to the first brag bar you built and adjust the layout and content. This is also a great opportunity to show off some numbers, years of experience, number of customers, number of reviews ect.


Time to show off what sets you apart from your competition. When building the chart make sure your brand is listed first, add the logo to the top and make sure your list stands apart from the rest. When listing your benefits or selling points only add those that your brand can do, we don’t want to share what the competition can do that you can’t. Wrap this section up with your CTA button. 

Section Nine – SHOP 2

It is finally the end of your landing page! We want to end with a spotlight on your product. This can be a duplicate of the shop section above or if you have another item you are trying to show off this is where you will place that information.

That is all it takes to make your landing page a converting winner! Now if all of that sounded like too much information or there are too many steps to do that you don’t have the time for we can help. Contact us and ask us how we can help.

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