Results Driven SEO

What are results driven SEO?

Results Driven SEO

Business owners were asked which marketing tactic had the highest ROI. SEO ranked #1! SEO gets your business seen by customers looking for your products or services on search engines like Google. Bear Fox Marketing uses content creation, promotion, influencer marketing, and reputable link building. Our goal is 7X or better ROI.

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What is Results driven SEO?

How is Our SEO Different?

At Bear Fox Marketing we believe that good SEO is about Sales and ROI – not just traffic. It’s not good enough for your SEO to produce traffic and rankings. SEO should produce sales! We focus all of our Google-friendly SEO strategies to ensure that you are not only getting a good ranking for important keywords but that you are getting ranking for the BEST keywords that will bring you new prospects and make your cash register ring. Ultimately, that’s where we stand apart.

While good SEO can get a bit confusing, there are two primary parts to it:


If you sell washing machines you aren’t going to rank well for stereo systems. SEO needs to capture a high volume of relevant traffic.


Google only wants to show the best and most trustworthy sites to its users. So the websites they trust most for a given search get the top spot. Top spots get the lion share of traffic.

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Why Should You Care About Good SEO?


Before purchasing a product or service, customers start their search online. If you’re doing SEO well, your website comes up #1 on the search engine results page. You earn that spot if Google deems you to be trusted and authoritative. We engage in activities to improve your site’s authority and popularity so it captures more revenue.


Companies spend more on SEO than any other digital marketing channel. To get the most on that investment, Bear Fox Marketing identifies the best traffic for you to target and own. Done right, organic traffic from SEO should be your company’s #1 source of traffic, revenue, and ROI.


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