Converting Landing Pages

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Here at Bear Fox Marketing we have put our time and resources to test all the different structures and have found a great solution for our clients who struggle to get it right.

How a Landing Page Service Increases Conversions

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The Macy’s Department Store window displays at Christmastime are glorious, eye-catching, and nostalgic with the Miracle on 34th Street scenes. But, what if you only need a new pair of gym socks? Is it worth navigating the crowds for socks? A common mistake that business owners make is confusing a website’s homepage with a landing […]

Anatomy of the Perfect Product Landing Page

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The landing page you send prospects to is one of the most important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle. Yet, so many companies overlook the significant impact landing pages have on their conversion rates. About 44% of clicks to B2B companies are directed towards a home page – no specific landing page. This is likely […]

7 Strategies Increase Your Website Conversion Ratio

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Owning a website is a constant fight for attention. Any mistake you make will give your competitors an advantage!  Customers only have a limited attention to dish out on websites. If you’re not doing everything in your power to catch interest, then you’re losing out.  We’ve put together some tips to boost your conversion ratio […]