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Anatomy of the Perfect Product Landing Page

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The landing page you send prospects to is one of the most important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle. Yet, so many companies overlook the significant impact landing pages have on their conversion rates.

About 44% of clicks to B2B companies are directed towards a home page – no specific landing page. This is likely the reason many of these companies struggle with converting visitors into customers.

But does having a landing page automatically equal conversions? Not necessarily. It has to have certain components to make it successful.

Below, you’ll find a quick list of things every product landing page should have.

Before All Else, The Heading

You won’t get very far with a heading that’s lacking. If your headline doesn’t catch eyes or turns heads, then it needs tweaking.

Now, keep in mind that having a catchy headline shouldn’t take away from the ad copy. These should be tied together cohesively. This way, when visitors are turned on by the headline, they aren’t turned off by what follows.

On that note, make sure the headline is clear and concise. Also, double check the spelling and grammar to ensure it’s flawless. This could be your one and only chance to impress newcomers, so make it count.

Use Images or Videos in Your Product Landing Page

What’s more visually appealing – text or imagery? Obviously, it’s the latter. So right after you reveal your clever headline, you should have an image or a video. Landing page videos can work tremendously well, especially when it showcases your product.

You can use a testimonial from a customer or have a knowledgeable staff member demonstrate it. The next best thing is to have an image. This could be the product itself or it being used by someone.

Just make sure the image or video relates to the ad copy.

Go Over the Benefits of the Product

Like they say, sell the sizzle, not the steak. The way you do this with a product is to sell the prospect on all of the great benefits it offers. Consumers don’t want to hear all about the features and gadgets it comes with.

Instead, focus on telling them how these features and gadgets will improve their lives. And you don’t want to hide these benefits inside blocky text. List them nice and clear in a bullet list.

Remember, most people today are skimmers, so they aren’t going to read a bunch of text to find what they really want to know. So make it easy for them to locate.

You should list the benefits of your product even if you talk about them in the video. Just in case they decide to skip past it to skim through the product landing page.

Include a Call to Action

In fact, you should have multiple calls to action throughout your product landing page. For example, placing one near the beginning, in the middle and in the end would be ideal. This is especially important if your landing page is quite long.

Then each call to action should either have a link or a button for the visitor to click on, taking prospects where they need to go. Since this is a landing page for a product, the link should take them to the product page or shopping cart with the product already in it.

Examples of a call to action would be: Buy Now, Download Free E-Book or Get Yours Today! Create a sense of urgency by offering a countdown on a special deal.

Plus, the buttons and links you place on the CTA should stand out from the rest of the page and content.

Make Good Use of the Page Fold

Above the page fold is where you should place important elements. For example, you can place testimonials here, as well as logos, the headline, and benefits of the product.

It’s also a good idea to have images and videos placed above the fold. But make sure it’s not too cluttered.

Whatever you decide to place above the fold, make sure it helps drive your goals. The top priority is locking in the visitor and making them want to continue reading the rest of the page.

And more importantly, click on the CTA buttons and links.

Only Include Relevant Links

You don’t want your visitors leaving the landing page to other parts of your website. So create navigational links that are specific to the product on the landing page.

Keep the links far and few, and only include the ones that are necessary for visitors to complete your call to action.

If you’re driving targeted traffic to your landing page, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Write a Detailed Description of Your Product

Since you’ve already gone over the benefits your product offers, you can now go over the details. This includes listing the features it comes with. Also, include photos of the product in different angles.

Even better, you can include a 3D model or video showing the product. The idea is to showcase the features you are explaining in this section.

Build Trust with Testimonials

One thing we know for sure is that consumers seem to trust other consumers. It’s why product reviews are so important. Just look at Amazon and Yelp – it literally determines whether a product will be sold a lot or not.

Start collecting testimonials from your customers and place them throughout your landing page.

Boost Conversions with Trust Elements

One of the most effective trust elements you can use to boost conversion rates is third-party verifications. You can include logos of brands that have used and continue to use your products.

This can be especially helpful if you are a B2B company. But it can also work with consumers.

It’s smart to include security seals, like TRUSTe or Verisign, if you’re using those services.

In other words, do whatever you can to gain the trust of your consumers, so they will feel confident in purchasing your product.

Build a Powerful Product Landing Page

If you’re serious about making a landing page that converts, then you should consult with the experts at Bear Fox Marketing.

Our company specializes in helping businesses like yours generate leads and convert them into sales. Digital marketing is the key to growing your company, so let’s get started.

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