Corporate Questions: How Your Company Can Thrive (Not Just Survive!)

corporate questions

How does your company survive? That’s a question that every entrepreneur has asked themselves at one time or another.  Furthermore, how do you make your business thrive? It’s not easy for new businesses to get started and stay afloat, but there are some simple ways you can do it!  In this article, we will answer […]

6 Branding Ideas to Boost Your Business

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In this era of digital marketing, the term “branding” has taken on a new meaning.  It’s not enough anymore to list your company in the phone book and advertise through flyers and other print handouts.  Rather, branding has come to mean establishing a 360-degree view of your business through multiple platforms including e-mail, social media, […]

How Strong Is Your Brand Promise?

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Great brands stand for SOMETHING, stand for something UNIQUE, and stand for something unique and MEANINGFUL TO THE CUSTOMER. The advantages of having a strong brand are many. They build trust, facilitate purchase, and improve profitability.  What more, strong brands build loyalty and brand advocacy with their customers. Prior to running a digital marketing agency, I […]

Digital Marketing and Marketing Mix

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Looking back to the time of your undergraduate years, you might remember learning about the 4 P’s: price, product, promotion and placement. The marketing mix was originated by Neil Borden and later shortened to the 4 P’s by Jerome E. McCarthy. The marketing mix is essential when planning your digital marketing campaign. Like a ceiling […]

The Ultimate Guide To Brand Positioning And Why It Matters

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What if you could instantly change how people think of your company? Mad Men’s Don Draper had a simple saying. “If you don’t like what people are saying, change the conversation.” By changing your brand positioning, you can change how the world sees you and your product. Read on to discover just how important this […]

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Branding

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Digital branding is a term that can be difficult for you to wrap your head around. To get the clearest, most bare-bones definition, I want to take you back in time. Just a few years. Six, maybe seven thousand or so. The term “branding” is derived from ancient crafters literally putting a “seal” or “brand” […]