Do You Really Know Your Customers? Pain Points 101

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Have you ever thought about what makes companies like Microsoft so successful? How did one business that started in a Seattle garage end up dominating the computing world?  You’ll hear a lot of people say that they started at the right time or that they hit some kind of imaginary ‘lightning in a bottle’, but […]

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes People Make

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Do you need help in improving your marketing strategies? Marketing your business is a great way to expand and reach new customers. With the pandemic impacting a lot of businesses, it’s important that you remind customers you’re still there to serve and provide for them. However, a lot of businesses still fail. Historically, 50% of […]

How Social Media Advertising Is A Lot Like Dating

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You sit at your desk and craft a perfect message to send. You don’t want to scare anyone off, but you also don’t want to be too timid. Will they even read your message? Are you wasting your time? Does the message get your point across in a way that gets the reader to react?  […]

Top Marketing Tips From the Past 5 Presidents


U.S. presidents can offer a lot of insight into marketing strategies.  They need to know how to reach their target market, especially if they want to be reelected. They need to know the best tips for social media marketing, email marketing, and more to reach their target market.  In fact, looking at the past 5 […]

Know Your Numbers: Marketing Metrics You Should Know

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What’s the measure of a successful marketing team? If you’re not measuring anything, you’ll never know. And if you’re measuring the wrong things, your understanding of your team’s relative success is completely off-base in relation to your real performance.  Unfortunately, proving ROI is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing–and one of the most […]

6 Branding Ideas to Boost Your Business

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In this era of digital marketing, the term “branding” has taken on a new meaning.  It’s not enough anymore to list your company in the phone book and advertise through flyers and other print handouts.  Rather, branding has come to mean establishing a 360-degree view of your business through multiple platforms including e-mail, social media, […]

5 Must-Ask Questions to Ask Before Hiring Digital Marketing Services

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So, you’re ready to take the next step for your business and propel your marketing strategies to the next level?  Using digital marketing services is an obvious choice. After all, there are over 300 million internet users in North America alone! It’s no wonder that digital marketing is so effective. With this being such a […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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So, should you hire in-house or hire an agency? When it comes to digital marketing, it’s a question you want to get right. I’ll admit, as an agency owner myself, I’m a bit biased. But before I was an agency owner, I spent 18 years on the client side in different marketing roles. In that […]