Know Your Numbers: Marketing Metrics You Should Know

marketing analytics

What’s the measure of a successful marketing team? If you’re not measuring anything, you’ll never know. And if you’re measuring the wrong things, your understanding of your team’s relative success is completely off-base in relation to your real performance.  Unfortunately, proving ROI is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing–and one of the most […]

Best Website Analytics Tools

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Operating a successful website requires a lot more than having a great idea, great product, and a great team.  It’s unfortunate that we have to earn another level of expertise in order to be successful online, but it’s a reality of the web-driven world. Understanding how your site works, how your audience is behaving online, […]

How to Measure Digital Marketing ROI

Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

How do you know you’re getting the results from your marketing that you’re paying for? You have the measure the return on investment (ROI). Your digital marketing ROI will help you understand where your marketing is doing well and where it’s underperforming. Several metrics will help you in measuring the ROI of your digital marketing. […]

When Marketing Progress is Measured, Performance Improves

Marketing Performance Reporting

Importance of Marketing Performance Reporting With a variety of digital channels, small businesses are in the unique situation where they can significantly boost revenues without heavy expenditures. And one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that companies can tie each expense to a measurable result. In traditional marketing and advertising– like the days […]

How to Find Your Digital Marketing ROI

Digital Marketing ROI

The internet is growing and it shows no sign of slowing down. That means there are now more connected “things” than ever before — about 8.7 million to be exact. It comes as no surprise, then, that companies around the world are capitalizing on digitization. By doing so, they can grow their brand, expand their outreach, […]