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How to Build Trust through Facebook Advertising

Building Trust through Facebook Ads

The relationship between Facebook Advertising and a potential customer should be built, not rushed into. If your conversion and click through rates from your advertisements are low, you might be rushing the sale too early.  Learn more about what mistakes you might be making and how you can build trust through Facebook Ads that will improve the overall performance of your campaigns.

Getting Married!

Remember the story of how your parents met and got married the same day?  Maybe you don’t remember… because it didn’t happen!  It’s not typical of how relationships work.

Before you take the marital plunge, you spend time dating and building a solid foundation of love and trust. Of course, there are those crazy few that get drunk and wake up the next morning with a hangover and ring on their finger.  But thankfully, those situations are rare.

Marriage and Facebook Advertising?

So what does marriage have to do with selling a product or service?  Before a prospective buyer takes a chance on you, she wants to get to know you and build trust.  Sure, this sounds logical.

But we’ve found that most Facebook advertisers rush to conversion.  They propose before any trust is built!  It’s akin to standing on the corner and shouting, “Here I am!  Here’s why you should like me and buy me now!”16

Be Smart and See the Bigger Picture

While this can work for late night TV commercials, consumers are savvy and most are turned off by this approach.  They’re fatigued by advertisers that hit them over and over with the same pitch before any awareness and trust is built.

There is a better way and it starts with building trust.  Allow your prospects the opportunity to learn more about you.  Give them opportunities to review what others are saying about you BEFORE you share a price, discount offer, or push them to “buy now”.

Don’t forget to social proof.

Make sure you have the Facebook pixel setup properly so that you can re target prospects that engage with your ads, landing page and website.  An your new prospect sees should be different than an ad an older prospect sees that has visited your site and engaged with you.

Consider a Trial

An entry level product lowers the risk of doing new business and encourages trial between buyer and the seller.  Offering a trial is appropriate ad strategy for someone in the middle of the buying funnel, before they’re ready to make a full size purchase. 

The value from the trial is more than the initial sale – it’s the higher lifetime value of that customer acquired and retained over time.

One of the benefits of offering a trial is that is lowers buyer risk.  It’s similar to dating before you get married.  It’s a lower commitment and lower cost to try your company on for size.  Then if the prospect likes the experience, she’ll buy again and again.


Bear Fox Marketing has seen this with many of our clients.  Most come with a great product or service, but particularly if it’s a higher priced item, they struggle to have the campaign convert to paying customer.  Experience has been unkind as they’ve sank a lot of money into the campaign while getting little results.

The source of the problem is often two fold.  First, they usually lack marketing campaigns that are tailored to where the prospect is in the buying funnel.  And second, they’re jumping right to the end offer.  They have an amazon product and are puzzled why consumers aren’t just as excited to buy it as they are to sell.

We had a luxury consumer product company come to us that had a Facebook advertising that wasn’t converting and losing money.  They had the funnel, the product was great, and their creative was great too.  But they were missing the trial offer. 

We inserted one and within a couple of weeks, the return on spend from their campaign improved by 500%.  New customers were pouring in through the trial offer priced at $40 and then we re marketing to them to up-sell them to other complementary products. The trial offer builds trust.

What’s my Trial Offer?

A lot of people on Facebook look for freebies but have no intention of spending money with you.  These are NOT the people you want to attract.

If you have a situation where your product or service is expensive and you have resistance for that initial sale, consider an initial offer to encourage trial.  In order for this to work, the offer must have either a lower absolute price or a high perceived value.

Good Place to Start

Start by examining your products and services.  Identify one that by nature could lead to other complementary products and services but that can also stand on its own. The item must pre-qualify your customer.

For example, if you have a website that sells high priced designer jewelry, a good trial offer would be a custom fit gold chain that can be used with other pieces of jewelry.

If you’re a service company, consider offering a free consultation or discounted introductory offer.

These trial offers are compelling hooks that draw new customers in.  They also provide the value of finding customers that are receptive to Facebook advertising. The whole purpose of a Facebook campaign is to keep a constant stream of communication with the potential customer, which can only be done with people that are willing to take time out of their day to look at your content.

So I have my “Gold Chain,” Now what?

Remember, finding your gold chain or trial offer is just part of the initial buyer-seller relationship.

As you move your customer through the buying process, you’ll cross promote other relevant products and services.  For example, after introducing someone to your “gold chain,” you can re target them in a week or two on a pendant or matching bracelet.  Ads should be tailored to their buying journey so that they don’t grow tired of your brand’s advertising. This will make them more receptive to future offers.

The end goal shouldn’t be on closing just one sale, but in cultivating a valuable relationship with the buyer and seller over time.  The seller provides ongoing value to the buyer and the buyer is happy to be a loyal customers.

Need Help?

Need a help finding your “gold chain” or building trust with your Facebook Advertising?

If you don’t have the time and people to put a successful campaign in place, we can discuss your needs and craft the best plan with you. Contact us today for more information about our services or to get started.