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Tribeca Barber & Beauty School

Spend $72K in First Year at 9X Return

After a seamless onboarding process and an awesome kick-off, we knew that Tribeca offered the city of New York something special. And we knew we could help make their big goals a reality. The best place to start was to define their brand and identify Tribeca’s unique selling proposition. They needed a message that would motivate prospective students to enroll!

We took the time to really get to know the client and the kind of students they wanted to attract. If we could do our part and get Tribeca qualified sales appointments and calls, then they could close and get enrollments.

Our design team developed a few landing pages, one for each of their different courses. These pages matched up perfectly with the ads we created and helped convert qualified traffic to appointments and calls to their sales team. We built an evergreen lead funnel for each service and optimized for conversions.

The work paid off! Their Google Advertising campaign brought a steady flow of new prospective students each month (well over 100) and enrollments went up so high that Tribeca needed to scale back the program.

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