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PatchMD had been discounting and promoting heavily online, but had poor tracking so they didn’t reliably know the return of each marketing investment.

Job #1 was to fix tracking. With that fixed, we had better data and could make better investments.

We positioned our prospective customers around having the option of avoiding oral pills. With a topical patch, they would have maximum absorptions that would keep them “covered” all day! We allocated budgets around the most profitable programs and campaigns within the program… down to audiences, creative sets, and offers.

As we scaled and trimmed out underperformers, we realized we had to retrain the current customer. They were trained to only purchase on different discounts and monthly promos. Our client’s bottom line was a concern that needed to be sorted out.

We cut back on the size and frequency of discounts, making it less predictable. We also broke down customers into segments and marketed offers and discounts to these groups differently. It all saved the client A LOT of money.


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