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Natura pest control

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Natura Pest Control

Increase # of Online Advertising Leads
Keep Oregon and Washington Field Staff Busy
Get Average Cost Per Lead Under $50

Natura is an industry leading pest control company committed to “doing it right”. Their commitment to effective pest control that’s environmentally friendly is well known.

When building out their Google Advertising campaign, it was important to support all 278 of their markets throughout Oregon and Washington. So it was important to chunk the campaign down into specific geo targets.

Our team did the research and built out a killer keyword list. We defined the brand which informed communication and catchy headlines around their unique strengths. What’s more, we tested landing pages that matched up really well with these ads so that they’d convert a high percentage of traffic into calls to their sales staff.

Once campaigns were launched, we continually tested and filtered out low interest searches, leaving behind high converting ad groups.

When we first took over this ad campaign, Natura was averaging 42 leads per month. Within a few months, we increased this to 166, a 4X increase from before with a lower ad budget. Ring the bell!​


in a few months

0 %
landing page
conversion rate
0 $
average cost
per call dropped
online marketing
leads grew from 44

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