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Is Your Website Destroying Your Business?


Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did. Here’s a borrowed line from “The Untouchables”, one of my favorite movies. “If you know you’re going into a gun fight, why just bring a gun?” In business, you don’t just want a level playing field… you want an advantage! So don’t bring a gun, bring a TANK!

Okay, enough of the movie analogies. You’re not really going into war, no one is dying, and there aren’t any missiles or bullets flying over your head. But the point is a good one. Be honest with yourself and think about this one question.

Is Your Website Helping Your Business Grow?

To help you out with an honest assessment, I want you to take 90 seconds and read over the list of questions below and ask yourself:

  • Have I ever tried to dominate my industry on the web?
  • Do I know how much my SEO efforts are helping my company grow?  In order words, is it getting me relevant traffic and customers?
  • Am I looking to just get a few keywords in Google onto the first page or am I trying to be #1 for ALL my keyword phrases?
  • Do I know what my most important keyword phrases are?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds expensive.” 99% of the time we don’t move forward because we think we don’t have the budget (not enough money), it costs too much (I don’t have the money), it takes too long (more money), there is no guarantee (potential of losing money).

Money, Money Money.

Have you ever asked anyone what it would take to TOTALLY CRUSH your competition online? I have been running a digital marketing agency for years and I’ve NEVER been asked that question. Most people have their goals and expectations set so low they don’t even ask. Most of what I hear is, “Well, we would really like to get something going. What about getting 1 or 2 keywords on the bottom of the first page?”

As a business owner, I complete understand the need to get a return on my investment. I also understand that if I want things to get better I have to take problems head on. As I stated earlier, STOP bringing a knife or even a gun to a gun fight. Bring a TANK! Look at your industry, assess your competition and put together a plan to DOMINATE it!

The reality is that it might cost too much to dominate your industry right now. But start with domination of your industry in mind and move on from there. Once you start seeing results coming in (with whatever budget you may have) you can then adjust your efforts and dominate all that much quicker, because you already know what it’s going to take!

You have to start with the end in mind.

What would happen if you had 5, 500 or even 5,000 people calling you to inquire about your company every day or every month? What would that do for your company? That’s what you should be thinking.  To dominate your industry, you have to start.

Start where you are with what you have and don’t lose sight of where you are going.

I love the saying “Swing for the fences!” While I’m not a big baseball player, I can certainly imagine the thrill of smashing a ball with a bat and then jogging around the bases in total exhilaration. Sadly, most business owners I know are too afraid to even try to “swing for the fences”. The reality is that if you swing for the fences you may not get a home run. But one thing I can guarantee you – If you don’t “Swing for the Fences” you will NEVER get a home run.

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