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Top Marketing Tips From the Past 5 Presidents


U.S. presidents can offer a lot of insight into marketing strategies. 

They need to know how to reach their target market, especially if they want to be reelected. They need to know the best tips for social media marketing, email marketing, and more to reach their target market. 

In fact, looking at the past 5 presidents can offer you some new ways to market to your target market. It can provide some insight into what marketing strategies work that event the presidents are using. 

Here’s a guide on the top marketing tips from the past 5 presidents. 

Keep Your Marketing Simple

Starting with the most recent president, Donald Trump has shown that marketing works when it’s kept simple. You don’t need an overblown marketing plan that has social media, blogs, and all forms of advertising. 

You need to keep the message simple and direct

What Trump did was market on Twitter and have mega rallies. It helped him reach millions of people. 

In addition, Trump was able to reach an online audience on Twitter and an offline audience with his mega rallies. They were also closely intertwined with each other because people would talk about the event on Twitter and vise versa. 

Adapt to the Customer’s Needs

The next president to take marketing lessons from is Barrack Obama. During his presidency, he showed brilliant marketing strategies that reflected how much he and his team knew about their market. 

They knew the customer was changing their media habits from watching television to being on their phones and watching more online videos. 

Obama was also able to retarget and micro-target his market. Understanding his market was key to the presidency and sending out a message that resonates the most with people. 

It was also key to his reelection because he knew his audience. He understood how they adapted to the media, which reflected a change in his marketing strategy. Videos became more prominent in his marketing strategy because he knew what his ideal audience wanted. 

Know Your Brand

When it came to former President George Bush’s marketing campaign, he did a brilliant job of reflecting his brand. 

He showed how a brand plays a major role in achieving results. His political campaign represented toughness. The brand never deviated to mean something confusing or unknown. 

The people of the United States knew exactly what they were getting from George Bush when was elected. They knew his story and how their life would be if he was president. 

The lesson from George Bush’s presidency is simple: keeping your brand’s message clear and to the point. Send a clear message to your audience about what you can do for them. 

Don’t be vague in your marketing. You want to tell people exactly what they are getting from your marketing and your overall business.  

If you to learn more about how to build your brand, check out this article on our website on 6 branding ideas to boost your business. 

Be Relatable and Empathetic

Former President Bill Clinton’s key to winning his election and throughout his presidency was being relatable and empathetic. 

His marketing campaign was built on being a family man, the jobs he put himself through in high school and college, and the simple home he lived in with his family. 

Clinton showed he was relatable to his market. He wasn’t above them. He was a simple and ordinary family man. 

Being relatable helped Clinton clinch the election. He resonated more in the homes of Americans who were trying to navigate a difficult economic situation in the 1990s. Clinton showed how someone ordinary could become president. 

This was a brilliant marketing plan that you can use in your business. You want to show people that your business isn’t better than anyone. You want to show your target market how you started a business from the ground up. 

When you show people that you’re not better than anyone, you appear more relatable. You appear that you know them better than other businesses. 

To know how to resonate with your target market is important and if you can put it in one sentence, this can be powerful. “Make America Great Again” calls all the way back to Reagan, a man beloved by Republicans and juxtaposes the alternative. George W. was “Compassionate Conservatism” which was perfect at attracting centrists who like conservative economic policies but disliked Republicans’ approach to helping the poor.

Know Your Competition

The final marketing tip comes from former President George H. W. Bush. His strategy was considered fierce because of how well he knew his competition and attacking them. 

While you shouldn’t attack your competition, you should know what strategies they employ that aren’t working for your target market. You should know how to serve your target market better than your competition. 

With Bush senior, he was able to show what other presidential candidates did that was unfavorable to the American public. Bush highlighted policies that other presidential candidates supported that didn’t help the American public. 

With his marketing campaigns, Bush was able to downplay his competition. It showed because it was able to win him an election in 1988. With his knowledge of his competition, Bush Sr. was able to craft a marketing strategy that helped him better connect with his target market by showing what his competition couldn’t offer. 

How These Marketing Tips Can Help Your Business

These marketing tips from the past 5 presidents can give your business a boost. These presidents had tremendous success with these marketing strategies because it helped them win an election or reelection. 

Adopting these strategies to your business can help you win more customers. You’ll have a new direction on what you can do in your business that you aren’t doing now. In addition, these marketing tips can help elevate your business to give you more sales. If you want help with your marketing strategy, you can talk to us here

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