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The Best Advice for Working as a Social Media Manager

best social media manager advice in boise

Are you using social media to promote your business? Here’s the best social media manager advice you’ll receive.Social media marketing is important for businesses to use. And of course, to run it all, you need a rockstar social media manager.

By using social media, businesses can get instant access to their target audiences and drive traffic straight to their websites, creating more dollar signs where they need it most.

So as a social media manager, how do you effectively run your social media accounts to grow your following– and reach your marketing goals? Sit tight, my friends, because I have 7 tips to show you how to do just that.

1. Quality Content Is Key

Although the rest of this list is in no particular order, I purposely put quality at number one. Why? Because content is the bread and butter of social media marketing.

This is why you should focus on quality content, not necessarily quantity. If you’re churning out posts all day every day, it means nothing if the content isn’t relevant, relatable, and helpful to your audience.

Inspire people. Make them laugh. Help them with an issue. As a social media manager, it’s all about developing a relationship with your audience so that they turn into loyal followers. If your content is proving useless to them, they will go elsewhere.

Mix it up a bit! Stand-alone posts are great but throw in some videos, memes, and relevant content from other trusted, non-competing sources. Trust me, your followers will love the variety. (And social media algorithms will love it too.)

2. “Keepin’ It Real”

Let’s face it, people want to follow other people. They want their social media encounters to be down-to-earth, relatable, and well… sociable! That’s kind of the whole point.

Following a business seems cold. Too “bricks and mortar”. And it may put people on the defense straight away, with them fearing you will be trying to sell them something all the time.

This is why coming across as a real person promotes more engagement than some boring, stiff, business ad. There’s a time and place for those and it’s not on social media.

Put some personality into your marketing. Let the audience see the faces of the employees! Having people feel like you’re a friend and more than just a business, will go a long way in growing your following.

3. Scheduling Is Your Friend

Social media is 24/7. You, however, are not. If you’ve created a content calendar and know what you will be posting days, or even weeks from now– scheduling those posts can make your life a whole lot easier.

Some social media platforms have built-in schedulers ready for use on business pages. Facebook, for example, will give you the option to either publish or schedule your posts right in the status update section.

You’ll have to use external software for other platforms. Examples include Tailwind or Boardbooster for Pinterest and Hootsuite for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pre scheduling your posts will save you time and ensure your content goes out exactly when you want it to.

4. Engage with Your Followers

This goes along with “keepin’ it real” but it’s important enough to separate into its own piece of advice. Why? Because as shocking as this may seem, social media is there to be sociable. Nobody wants to engage with anyone who doesn’t engage back. What’s the point of that?

When your audience comments on a post, reply back to those people! “Like” stuff on their pages. Comment on relevant posts. Re-tweet something if you feel it’s content that your own readers will enjoy. If someone shares a post of yours, thank that person for it!

Audiences are impressed when they think a business is paying attention. They’ll be more inclined to continue engaging with you. Most importantly, they won’t feel like they’re talking to a brick wall. And that’s gold.

5. Don’t Be Annoying

Maybe you have a lot of content to share– and to that I say, “great!” It’s actually impressive because a lot of people struggle with what to post. But, however tempting it may be, don’t go throwing it out there like it’s going out of style.

No one wants to feel like their social media feed is being spammed or simply filled up by one account. I have personally unfollowed pages that posted so often, it drove me away. Haven’t you ever heard of leaving the people wanting more?

Space your posts out. Some professionals truly believe each platform has its own limit to the acceptable number of daily posts. Finally, make sure you’re not spacing them out SO much that people forget you’re even there.

Obviously there’s a balance. This is something time, experimenting, and analyzing your data (we’ll touch on that in a sec) will help you to achieve.

6. Know Which Platform to Invest Your Time and Money in

It may be tempting to put yourself on every social media platform in existence. I mean, that will give you the most reach, right? In theory, maybe, but at what cost?

I’ll tell you. It’s at a huge cost. Not just in time, but in dollars. And most of that will go straight down the drain, along with your will to live.

You are targeting a specific audience and I guarantee your audience isn’t hanging out on every social media platform in existence. The demographics that frequent Facebook or Pinterest aren’t necessarily the same demographics you’ll find on Instagram or Twitter. You need to find where your people are hanging out at and focus your attention on those platforms.

With your attention and dollars being channeled in the right direction, you’ll see your following grow and increase ROI. Music to your ears, right?

7. Analyze Your Data

Whether you use the data supplied by the social media platform itself or use Google Analytics, studying how well your posts and engagement is doing will help you figure out a number of things.

Which posts are gaining the most clicks? What time of day do people seem to be most active on your page? Is your audience engaging, and if so, what content is getting it talking?

By looking at the stats of each of these, you can plan how and what to post in the future. Isn’t this what being a social media manager is all about? If something is working, keep at it. If it’s not, mix it up and try something else. The data is there to help you. Make analytics your new best friend.

Using These Tips Will Make You a Social Media Manager Rockstar

And that will be a win for your audience and your business’s bottom line!

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