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Should You Even Post on Facebook Anymore?

post on facebook

The Facebook platform hosts around 2.45 billion active monthly users, holding its position as the most used social media site. 

Like every social platform, the layout and algorithms have changed through the years. Still, there’s no question about it, your audience is still scrolling through their good old Facebook newsfeed on a daily basis. 

If you’ve been debating if it’s still worthwhile to post on Facebook, we’re here to help you navigate. 

From SEO for Facebook to paid search marketing, follow along to learn why you should still post on Facebook and how to get the most out of your page.

SEO for Facebook

Believe it or not, your Facebook digital marketing strategy reaches beyond the platform. Like your website, you can optimize your page for search engines and increase your chances of being found.

If you are a small business that hasn’t yet invested in a website, or you are looking to take up more space on the results page, this is a fantastic option. 

You can boost your SEO for Facebook by taking measures including:

  • Customize your vanity URL
  • Choose a great page name
  • Publish SEO rich posts
  • Use keywords
  • Include location
  • Build links from your website

By optimizing your business page, you’ll work your way up the Google ranking system. You’ll essentially be getting free advertising on search engines for your Facebook page and driving traffic to your engaging content.

This alone instills the importance of publishing a post on Facebook and sticking to a frequent schedule. You should be putting as much effort into fresh content on this platform as you do for your website. 

You can even work to improve your technical SEO with behind the scenes advancements and the help of Facebook’s user-friendly layout.

Increase Brand Engagement

Social media is a hub for engagement and frequent activity increases relationship-building opportunities. 

Today’s consumers aren’t as trusting as they used to be. The spike of scammers online has spurred audiences to be more cautious about their online activity, especially when it comes to money. 

This means that your audience is no longer performing impulse buying based on a quick search for your products or services. You’ll need a well-rounded digital marketing approach to ensure them that you are a reputable business. Facebook is a fantastic platform to send this message with.

In fact, 57 percent of consumers revealed that social media is a large influencer for their shopping habits. 

The key to breaking into this influential role is omnipresence. You need to be where your audience is, and often. Having repeated exposures to your brand with quality content will encourage an attachment to your business.

Having their comments responded to and messages acknowledged makes them feel like they are important. This then improves your chances of earning a loyal customer. On top of that, when they share your posts, you’ll be expanding your reach to a relevant audience.

This new audience will be a result of a friend ‘recommending’ you and hold more value for new leads.

Facebook Advertising

Along with organic posts for engagement, you can use paid advertising to reach interactive customers and generate leads.

Because Facebook makes it so easy for customers to jump from your ad to your business page they’ll have instant access and gain trust in your brand. Using paid search Facebook ads helps you gain more valuable audiences. It’s even been shown that Facebook ads are the highest ROI form of digital marketing that you can use. 

Not to mention advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost-effective avenues for paid search platforms. 

Because of this, you’ll be able to experiment with your ads and introduce effective content such as video and add-ons to your campaigns. Draw more people in with favorites like animated video and watch as they maximize shares, improve conversions, and capture lead information.

Once you’ve got their email, you can set to work with your lead nurturing efforts to guide them through your sales funnel and continue to build quality relationships. Now that they are following you on Facebook, they’ll be reminded of your business every time you post and view you as an authority in your niche.

Valuable Insights

Facebook provides insights that simply cannot be overlooked. With detailed analytics, you’ll be able to gather important information about your audience and better understand their needs. 

You can put these analytics to work by tailoring your posting, advertising, and engagement approach based on your findings. Not only will you know who your target audience is, but you’ll be able to forecast exactly when they are online. 

With this, you can schedule posts and increase ad visibility during specific times to maximize ROI. You’ll also be able to start up re-marketing campaigns by reaching out to the customers who have already visited your page or made a purchase before. 

You’ll be able to monitor your advertisements and use the feedback to make adjustments and improve. The specific performance measures will allow you to take your advertisements and posts to a personalized level and get the most out of your digital marketing investment.

Using a data-driven approach is the best way to ensure success. It only makes sense to utilize Facebook’s free information center to fuel your digital marketing approach.

It’s Time to Post on Facebook

Now that you understand the importance of a post on Facebook and how you can use this platform to grow your business, it’s time to get to work. Set forth with valuable data to customize your audience’s experience and put yourself out there as an engaging, worthwhile brand. 

Ready to make a splash with your Facebook marketing? Get in touch with us today to find out how you can maximize your paid search Facebook ads and take your page to a whole new level.

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