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SEO Tips for Google Answer Boxes

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Though it may seem unbelievable, there are now more than 30 million small businesses spread throughout the United States. So if you’re trying to market your business online, there’s a ton of competition, no matter your industry.

To stand out, it’s important to be innovative. And one of the most innovative digital marketing tips out there right now is to show in Google Answer Boxes.

If you’re unsure on how to do this, don’t fret. Keep reading for the tips you need to rank in a Google Answer Box.

What Is a Google Answer Box?

First of all, let’s start with the basics — what is a Google Answer Box? Simply put, an answer box is a feature that shows up in some Google results that’s designed to provide a quick answer to a common question.

Answer boxes take content from one of the websites on page one to answer the question. It’s a great place to have your content because it has a high click through rate since it’s usually so valuable.

As we know, ranking number one in any given SERP can result in up to a 30% click through rate, so since the answer box is above the first result, you can expect a great click through rate here, as well.

Google Answer Boxes were released in 2015 and have quickly become one of the most sought-after SEO strategies because they produce results. Here’s how to claim Google Answer Box spots.

Go After Keywords that Already Have Answer Boxes

To start, it’s a good idea to look at what keywords already have answer boxes and then to go after those keywords. This way, you know that your efforts aren’t going to waste.

It’s true that Google is regularly adding answer boxes to their search results, but don’t bargain on this. Instead, focus your efforts where they’ll pay off.

Do some analysis on the results that are showing up in the answer box you want to rank for. What keywords are used? What type of information is included? 

This will help you decide the best strategy to overtake these results.

Another tip? Since answer boxes are still relatively new, sometimes the answers that show up are vague or misaligned. This is a great opportunity for you to create content that directly answers the questions being asked. 

Get to the Point

Next tip: keep things simple. Your answers should be no more than three or four sentences and almost always less than 100 words long.

Short answers are king when it comes to answer boxes.

When users are looking for answers on Google, they want to get their answer as quickly as possible. And if yours has a long introduction and doesn’t get to the point, people will leave your answer box and move to the next one.

Also make sure you’re super clear. This has two main benefits.

First, Google will have an easier time understanding what your answer is about. And secondly, the user will get more value out of your content, making them more likely to do business with you in the future.

And that’s the point of content marketing in any form — establishing trust and authority with potential customers. 

Look for Questions

Another idea is to look for keywords that either explicitly ask a question or that do so implicitly. Here’s why.

The point of Google Answer Boxes is to help people get a quick answer to their question. So if you target keyword phrases that fall into this category, your content is more likely to rank in an answer box format.

But don’t go for questions that are super easy to answer. For example, if someone searches for the number of countries in the world, Google will spit out the answer 195 without linking to a source. 

So in order to get traffic to your website from your answer box, go after questions that are a little broader. This will allow Google to pull content from your site, furthering the likelihood of people clicking through to your website.

Make Sure Your Answer Is Right

Last but not least, something very important that may seem obvious: make sure your answer is correct.

As you’re vying for a spot in answer box, you’re competing with every other company out there who is creating content in your space as well. To beat them out, your answer needs to be right. 

While your answer should be succinct, it also needs to be correct and complete. Finding a balance between these two sides of the coin will lead to the highest level of success.

Another tip: when Google is looking for answers, they check sources they trust for keywords and phrases that match up with many other trusted sites on the internet. Then they’ll display the results that align with those most correct across the web.

Final Thoughts about Ranking for a Google Answer Box

There you have it: the SEO tips you need to rank for a Google Answer Box. Now that you’ve gone through each of these ideas, it’s time to develop your strategy.

What keywords will you try and rank for in an answer box? Where will you start and what will you prioritize?

Make your decisions based on the potential revenue that could be generated from each answer box. This will guide your strategy. Soon you’ll see great results from your answer box efforts.

Want customized assistance with your marketing plan? Contact our team of experts today. We’re here to help. 

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