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Rise in the Rankings: The 5 Benefits of SEO

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Do you want to make it on the first page of Google? Who doesn’t? In a digital world saturated with competition, your online presence is one of the most important assets your business can have.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about SEO. But are you actually adapting SEO into your website? If you’re not, you’re missing out on tremendous growth potential and reputability!

Let’s get into the top benefits of SEO.

1. Increased Traffic To Your Site

When it comes to improving your organic search, SEO is the way to do it. And improving your organic search benefits your business in multiple ways including:

  • Improving conversions
  • Increasing business reputation
  • Decreasing paid marketing efforts
  • Acquiring new customers

Let’s be clear. It’s never a bad thing to have more traffic to your site, is it? We all know that Google is the most visited site in the world. If you can play by Google’s rules (i.e. you adapt to SEO trends), Google will reward you in return.

And when you’re highly visible on Google, you naturally boost traffic. That’s because research shows that anywhere between 71%-92% of people complete their searches within the first page of Google.

In other words? The higher you rank, the more traffic you’ll enjoy.

2. Enhanced Authority & Credibility

Let’s be real. There are spammy websites in every industry on every corner of the Internet universe. However, a solid SEO strategy sets you apart from these bottom-feeder sites.

When you focus on SEO, you focus on establishing your credibility. To increase your SEO, you must implement:

  • Appropriate, targeted keywords
  • Engaged traffic and positive audience behavior
  • Quality guest posting and backlinking
  • Dynamic, irresistible content

As we know, you don’t acquire a sense of authority overnight. It takes time and effort to nurture your reputation. That said, focusing on your SEO is one of the best ways to supercharge your reputation in your industry.

Keywords show that you know what your target audience wants to learn and read. By ranking highly for keywords, you demonstrate a sense of knowledge for that topic.

Engaged traffic and audience behavior (like bounce rates) shows that people want to be a part of your community. Google recognizes that behavior. Google notices when people want to stay connected with your content.

Backlinking also conveys a sense of authority. When other high-ranking sites link back to your site, it shows that they value what you have to say. Google notices this “valuing” and will reward you for it appropriately.

Finally, your content goes without saying! No matter the latest in SEO buzzwords, having amazing, unique content will never go out of style.

3. Long-Term ROI

Many SEO gurus cite the notion that, instead of a sprint, SEO represents a marathon. This notion carries some significant weight. When you focus on your SEO, you’re not just creating a strategy that works for today.

You’re investing in a long-term strategy that compounds over time. The actions you take today will make a lasting impact- one that can pay in dividends later on!

If you’re patient with your SEO strategy, you should expect increased traffic and an enhanced reputation. These, in turn, improve your conversions and your organic leads.

Yes, SEO fluctuates. In fact, some experts liken SEO trends to the stock market, in the sense that the trends ebb and flow. However, like the stock market, experts continue to predict that, over the long-term, investments will pay off.

4. Positive User Experience

Do you want to keep your target demographic on your site? Do you want them clicking around, making sales, and sharing your content with others? Of course, you do! That’s a driving point of your business, isn’t it?

SEO naturally enhances your user’s experience. For one, you focus on logistics that people appreciate. These include nuances like:

  • Site speed
  • Mobile optimization
  • Appropriate headers and subheaders
  • Use of multimedia (images, videos, infographics)

As it turns out, Google appreciates these details. Your users will appreciate them as well.

If you’re not convinced, think about how you feel when you’re navigating around a clunky, outdated website. How frustrating is it when the site takes forever to load? Or when the text is hard to read and the images are blurry?

Solid SEO keeps the customer and Google both happy- and that’s what every business in modern society wants.

5. Maximized Leads

Research continues to emphasize the benefits of inbound marketing. In fact, some studies show that SEO is the #1 source of leads for all digital advertising methods.

SEO becomes even more crucial if you run a local business. Think about it. If you operate a local hair salon, you want to do everything you can to make sure your business ranks at the top of Google.

That’s because most consumers turn to their smartphones and plug search inquiries into Google. If your site doesn’t pop up, they’ll just move on to the one that does!

To solidify this fact, Google reports that over half of consumers who perform a local search on their cell phones visit a store on that same day.

Most marketing gurus agree. SEO is highly effective in capturing conversions and leads. Best of all? It doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

Final Thoughts On The Top Benefits of SEO

There are numerous benefits of SEO. IF you haven’t already begun to incorporate the basic strategies onto your site, you can’t afford to wait any longer!

Do you feel overwhelmed with navigating a successful SEO strategy on your own? We’ve got you covered! Learn more about our SEO services today.

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