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It’s All About the Money: Grow Your Business With Social Marketing Campaigns

social marketing campaigns

Advertising through social media is all the rage. Companies around the world are tapping into their social media potential for business growth.

If you believe in your business and the growth it can have, then now is the time to use the necessary platforms. The ability to target your desired demographic is just a few clicks away with social marketing campaigns.

Take Facebook for example. Facebook ads have an 8.1x higher click through rate than normal web ads. What’s more? 79% of online adults have an account.

This is an online marketing dream. You can actually reach whomever you’re trying to sell to by simply placing strategic ads in strategic places.

Facebook shares have a massive influence on Google search rankings, followed by backlinks. Your business will benefit greatly by utilizing the Big Daddy of social media adverts.

Every day millions of people connect through social media. Help them connect to your business through the same platforms they already use by throwing the chicest ads on the net at them.

Here’s the ultimate how-to guide for social marketing campaigns.

1. Understanding Social Marketing Campaigns

This marketing strategy is all about garnering attention and traffic through sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (just to name a few).

Using these platforms with their own built-in data analytics tools can lead to invaluable advertising information for any business.

Social marketing campaigns also deal with managing and establishing whatever desired online world and tone a brand wants to represent them online.

By engaging users by encouraging them to post their own content and reviews, you are creating an interactive experience between your brand and your consumers.

2. Make Your Campaign Pop

We aren’t just talking about throwing any ads out there on the web. We are talking about putting well thought, beautifully designed, smart content out there.

Gather all the inspiration you’d like and create a sort of vision board for your brand. Study the psychology behind what will sell your brand. Ask yourself “What makes people end up in the online checkout lane?”

Hire an online branding and consulting pro. While there are many companies out there who claim to do this well, the best are few and far between.

Finding a company who understands the value of SEO placement and getting your page to a visible place is an absolute essential. Use social marketing campaigns that can offer great results and quickly.

Consider all aspects of your visual ads and how to catch a reader’s eye.

3. Customize Your Content

Every social media platform is going to be different. What you post on Facebook won’t work for Instagram, and what you post on Instagram probably won’t work for Snapchat.

You need great photo ads for Instagram. You need witty, funny comments to post up on twitter. You need entertaining video ads for Snapchat. You also need gifs and memes for Facebook.

Your social marketing campaigns need to deliver the same messages but in a variety of ways. This will create optimal content to engage the eyes of the consumers who come across your ads. Instead of a quick click through, they’ll pay attention to it.

Customizing your content also means making sure it is perfectly aligned with the message you want to convey.

You’ll be vying for likes and follows, sure. But don’t fall into the trap of posting things based solely on the attention it may receive. Make sure everything points to what makes your brand special and unique.

It is important to carefully balance making your brand popular online while maintaining the professionalism of your business.

Get the most value from your social media accounts while making your message clear.

4. Measure Sales, Not Likes

While engaging your customer is important, what’s most important is that they are actually led to buying through your social marketing campaigns.

If your online presence is getting a lot of likes, clicks, shares and follows you may think that your social marketing campaigns are being effective. But if sales don’t reflect that, then what is the point?

When you see this starting to happen in your campaign, it may be time to rethink! Head back to the drawing board and figure out what is going on in your social marketing campaign.

For the money you’ll be using for social media ads these days, you’re going to make sure you are getting it back in sales. Use your analytics tools to track your sales and figure out exactly what is working, and what is not.

Utilize Your Resources

Having a reference to what has been successful for you will help you better every aspect of your business. Using your metrics can inform how and where you spend your money, making your company accountant very happy.

These may sound like obvious suggestions. But, much like a dude with an Instagram account full of shirtless selfies who somehow garnered 300k followers, your head can get a little lost in it.

Use every social media platform, target your audience, use ads that are brilliant and customize your content. You are sure to make your business boom if you can channel your brand into social media stardom.

Like anything, building a successful social media marketing campaign takes time. Take note of your competitors. What are they doing that seems to be working? Note what your competitors can improve upon so you don’t make the same, costly mistakes.

Most importantly, find a company who gets your vision and can help you create the most magical ads on the web. In a social media world where everything seems to have been done, get a fresh pair of marketing eyes on your brand.

Social marketing campaigns work! Businesses all over the globe are influencing their customers into buying at endless rates. When the ads are created specifically to connect with target audiences and buyers you will see a massive rise in your business sales.

When you’re ready to take your business socially and globally for maximum growth and higher sales, contact us to get a free consultation today.

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