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Making Your Ecommerce Company The New ‘Buzz’

ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce marketing can turn your company into a powerful lead generation and sales machine. Imagine the power of making sales almost on-demand, with customers who value your approach to serving their needs. But, unfortunately, many online businesses don’t know how to market themselves effectively. 

This leads to a company draining its advertising budget and seeing very little return on investment. However, there are several tried and trusted methods to boost your online advertising efforts and build your online presence.

Read on to find out which marketing techniques could help your business reach your target market.

Decide on Your Branding

Before you begin your online marketing strategy, it’s essential to determine your company branding. If you spend money advertising to customers while using a particular logo and message and then change it at a later date, it can be confusing.

Although it takes time to achieve a recognizable brand, you can do it if you stick to one design and message.

Ecommerce Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires improving the quality of your website design and content. The ultimate goal is to appear in the top positions in the search engine rankings. Major internet giants such as Google use search engine algorithms to determine where your site should appear in their listings. 

Search engines only want to show the best sites to internet users. This means they will give the best positions to responsive sites with informative information. Therefore, you need to ensure all your website links are in working order. You also need to consistently provide fresh and valuable information for consumers.

A great way to do this is to have a blog and add new posts weekly to provide potential customers with useful hints and tips. 

Content Marketing

You can also have a content marketing campaign that involves guest posting on other sites. For example, you could post short articles on community forums so that consumers begin to view you as a trusted industry professional. This is also an excellent way to reach a large number of people because others can share your posts with their friends and family. 

Over time, you can build up an impressive library of articles that generate passive leads without further costs.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

For fast digital marketing results, you could take out an e-commerce advertisement on a PPC basis. This means you can quickly appear in front of your target market without the need to wait for search engines to rank you in a high position. But, this can be an expensive process for an e-commerce business if you do not understand how to measure your results.

You can work with a professional firm that can study the metrics of each paid advertising campaign. They can then adjust the copy and images accordingly to get the best results.

Utilize Social Media

While there are many social media platforms, it’s best not to try to conquer each one. There are simply too many, and you could spread your resources too thin. But, by focusing on a smaller number, you can make a meaningful connection with many social media users

For example, if you sell photogenic products, you could regularly post on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Or, if you provide plenty of useful information to consumers, then you could place posts on a site such as Twitter. The most important factor is to post consistently. Followers then know when to look out for your updates.

Social media advertising also offers the ability to have a two-way online conversation with clients. This can be an excellent way to improve your customer service.

Get In Touch with Influencers

Influencers already have a loyal customer base of followers willing to buy products and services they recommend.  Therefore, you can partner with an online influencer to instantly receive their endorsement.

Depending on the size of the following, and the engagement levels, this can become an expensive marketing strategy. But, it can also be effective if the influencer has plenty of support within your target market.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains an effective online marketing strategy on a long-term basis. This method allows you to keep in touch with customers who are already interested in your products. Consumers may not be ready to buy the first time they are in contact with your business, but they may want to buy further down the line. 

By staying in contact and providing value, you can position your e-commerce business as a trustworthy and reliable company. While you shouldn’t send too many emails and spam customers, you could drop them an email once a week without being too intrusive. 

Use Video Marketing

If consumers are too busy to read an email, they may appreciate a video message they can view in less than a minute. For example, you could send a quick product demonstration or just a friendly message with some useful advice. Posting new videos consistently on your website may also help you develop your position in the search engine rankings.

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