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How to Nurture Your Leads to Improve Your Sales Close Rate

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You’re bringing in leads hand over fist but your close rate? Yeah, it’s not so hot.

What do you do? How do you keep your brand new, beautiful baby leads from turning into missed opportunities?

Continue reading this blog post to learn how to close more leads today.

Improve Your Close Rate Through Effective Lead Nurturing

Stop blaming your sales team, product, or marketing for failure to close leads at a higher rate. The fact is that most of your leads aren’t ready to buy.

Many leads are at the top of the sales funnel and if you try to force them to buy when they aren’t ready, they are going to run the other way.

With so many people finding our websites, products, and services well before they are ready to make a purchase, you have to be patient and have a strong lead nurturing process in place. Here are some top tips that will help you nurture your leads so you can work toward a higher close rate.

1. Provide Relevant High-Value Content for Your Audience

If you want to be the company your leads choose when it comes time to purchase, you need to gain their trust. One of the best ways to gain their trust is by providing highly valuable content that is relevant to your audience.

Most businesses note that providing this type of content is one of their major pain and struggle points. If others are struggling with it, that means your voice won’t have as many other voices to compete with so this is a strategy you should jump on right away.

Creating content doesn’t only gain the trust of your current readers, but it can bring in additional readers through SEO efforts. SEO which stands for search engine optimization helps your site rank at the top of the search engines where your leads are searching for what you have.

2. Email Marketing

I’m sure you’ve had an email pop up with just the right headline from time to time. You remember signing up for the list so you quickly open it and what do you know? There’s quite a deal on the exact service that you need.

Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with people that might have forgotten about you. When you take the time to set up a truly effective email marketing strategy, your list will be an invaluable asset.

Make sure that you segment your email list so you can be effective. You don’t want to send sales emails to people that have bought your products. You might instead send thank you letters or training emails to keep them subscribed to your product or service.

3. Offer Demos

People rarely want to learn anything new on their own. When was the last time you read the instructions on something you bought? You likely spent hours playing around with it trying to figure out how it works, are we right?

A demo is a great way to learn from someone that already knows what they are doing. This speeds up the learning process and makes people more likely to purchase your product or service when the time comes.

4. A Good Old-Fashioned Discount

Everyone loves a good discount and it is a great way to get leads off the fence. You may choose to do a discount around a certain holiday or to celebrate their one year of being on your email list.

People love to get a good deal and making it time sensitive can help them make the decision now instead of waiting another ninety days.

5. Promote Other Relevant Products

If your customers still aren’t biting on your offer, you can promote other offers of interest to your list. Make sure to get affiliate status with the products and services that you’re promoting. You can not only earn some extra cash from sales but your leads will see that you can help them through other means than your own products or services.

6. Try Down-Selling

If you think that your initial product offering was too rich for their blood, you can try down-selling. Down-selling is when you offer another product that you have but one that costs less.

If people are new to your brand and company, they may not have the trust to purchase a major product. A lower priced offer might be just the thing you need to get them to convert into a buyer.

If you can get them to purchase any product, you’ll have more of a chance to get them to make a purchase of your other products.

7. Add a Bonus

You see that your leads are clicking on your offers and spending time on these pages. You may even notice that they are reading all the way to the bottom of the page.

Try adding some bonuses to make the offer irresistible. You might not necessarily need to create these bonuses on your own. You could offer bonuses from other companies or training material that will help them use the product or service that you are selling them.

Leads love bonuses when they are the right ones so make sure to do your research to see what else would be up their alley.

8. Landing Pages

When your company is creating landing pages make sure to create content that is specific to the needs of the lead visiting the page and where they are in their buyer’s journey. The more specific you get, the better they will convert.

9. Social Media Advertising

Another great way to nurture your leads is through a social media campaign. Facebook ads are a great platform for this. You can create a series of ads that nurture a lead from the top of the buying funnel of awareness all the way through purchase and loyalty.

The first ad they see might be a soft sell to ‘learn more’ about your product or service. The purpose would be to educate and get them to interact with the ad. Once they engage with you at the stage in the buying process, you can retarget them, moving them down the funnel with additional ads until they sign up, convert to sale and repurchase.

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