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How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

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The world of digital marketing is not the easiest to navigate.

Between the SEO vs. PPC debate and trying to understand the digital habits of your users, the different strategies and tactics can add up.

But, how do you know which one is right for your business?

With the guidance of a professional digital marketing team. This is your go-to resource for anything from web design and ad development to LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Never heard of a campaign focused on one social media channel before? It might be time to add such a strategy to your list of online goals.

Here is a closer look at how LinkedIn marketing campaigns can boost your bottom line.

How LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns Work

LinkedIn had quite the upgrade in 2017.

The user interface changed to be more user-friendly and engaging. Messages now have a chat feature, the search function is easier to use, and the homepage feed and analytics options are much improved.

As an account owner – either for your personal brand or business page – you are the user. These changes have been made with your overall experience in mind.

From a marketing perspective, you are the creator of another user’s experience.

When someone comes across your LinkedIn marketing campaigns, you get to use the system’s recent changes to your advantage.

These campaigns are all about creating a connection.

You are either working to build the relationships you already have, or use them to establish new ones.

Such efforts are done through LinkedIn ads, posting original content, and engaging with what others post. These are just a few options to consider while putting your campaign together.

The following is a list of ways LinkedIn marketing campaigns can be used to your business’s benefit.

1. Build Your Credibility

LinkedIn is where professionals go to socialize online. It is both a business tool and a way to unwind after your workday. But, you have to always put your best foot forward.

To do this, consider using some of the initiatives below in your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations introduce new users to your product or service in a way that builds trust from the start.

When they see you or your company have been endorsed for certain skills and services, users are more likely to continue their interaction with you.

Endorsements are the LinkedIn version of reviews.

People can click on a skill you offer to endorse you in a simple and easy manner. Or, they can write something about you and your company for a more specific recommendation.

Be a Thought Leader

Gathering recommendations and endorsements from partners and previous clients gets your foot in the door with new users.

Posting your own original and intriguing content is what keeps people coming back.

Look at your LinkedIn marketing campaigns as a way to build your presence as a thought leader. Thought leaders are people who have a strong working knowledge of their industry.

They know the new directions of the market, and what forces are steering this course. They can recognize opportunities and offer opinions on how to best provide for the audience.

Engage with the Opinions of Others

As much as you want to get your opinion out there, don’t forget to comment on what other accounts have to say.

Offer a voice of agreement or rebuttal to a blog post you see or a new status someone posted.

These are constantly appearing on your LinkedIn timeline. If you’re just scrolling past them, you’re missing a chance to share your knowledge and set yourself apart.

2. Expand Your Network

Whether you are commenting on someone else’s discussion or posting your own topic, there is one goal to always focus on: expanding your network.

This isn’t the same as traffic, though.

Traffic leads people to your website. It’s a rate of how many visitors you get during a certain amount of time. But, if you only focus on traffic, you may not get the conversions you’re looking for.

This is because you have to focus on expanding your network with the right people.

LinkedIn analytics can help you establish which users have the most potential for your business.

These are often second and third connections. Second and third connections are people who are in the network of someone in your network.

But, they haven’t found your personal account or business page on LinkedIn yet.

They are just a few clicks away, though! Focus on reaching this extended audience with your campaigns first.

3. Think About Your Brand

As your network starts to expand, make sure to be consistent with your branding efforts.

A brand is everything a user associates with your company.

It is your logo as well as your products and services. It is an emotion or set of values that come to mind when your name is brought up.

Keep it consistent and of high quality with the following resources.

Visual Content and Copywriting

Always use the best possible visual content you can get your hands on.

This means hiring a professional photographer or graphic designer if you don’t have one already.

Use their services to create visually engaging banners and blog posts. Banners should be high-quality images that say something about your brand’s story. Blog images should be in-line with what you write about.

Speaking of writing, make sure your copy is up to par.

Use your brand’s voice and say something that brings value to the conversation.

Your Team Members

Speaking of value, don’t forget there is strength in numbers.

Use your staff as a way to further develop the efforts of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Have them share your blog posts and comment on status updates. Tell them to embrace the company’s culture on their LinkedIn in any way they can.

Such tactics turn your day-to-day team into brand ambassadors.

They become a representation of your products and services that more people can relate to.

4. Keep the Conversation Going

Whether you have a LinkedIn following of 1,000 or 10,000, you always have to keep the conversation going.

When one marketing campaign ends, another begins.

There is never an end of things to talk about, share, and comment on. There are more professionals to connect with and users to reach out to.

Make your campaigns as seamless as can be, though. The better you transition from one strategy and initiative to another, the more effective your overall efforts will be.

Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Online Presence

Not sure how performing well on LinkedIn translates across the rest of the internet?

Still undecided about what to focus your campaign on?

Don’t worry, we can help. Our team of digital marketing professionals is here to make all your campaigns as powerful as possible.

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