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Do Your Customers Even Know What You Do?

Digital Marketing

Synergy, digital transformation, cloud-based strategy – do you ever hear technology buzzwords and wonder, does the average person even understand this terminology?

Companies that throw together impressive-sounding words and phrases could actually be alienating their potential customers. People aren’t likely to invest in something they don’t understand. Afraid your company might fall under this description?

Don’t worry – we can help you! This article will explain how you can clearly and concisely tell customers who you are and what you do through digital marketing.

1. Describe the Problem Using Their Words – Not Yours

When it comes to digital marketing tips for professionals we often overlook the basics. You are an expert in your field but you’re not always selling to other experts. You’re probably selling to regular people with a similar issue.

For example, say you are trying to figure out how to digitally advertise your new all-in-one scheduling app for dog walkers. You can advertise using complicated tech words or you can ask dog walkers to explain the biggest issues they have with current scheduling apps. 

Then, use those words and phrases in your advertising. This strategy will help you connect with your audience instantly because they know you relate. You can collect this feedback using a focus group, online forum, or through another social media channel.

2. Make the Most of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to get more views. No matter if you’re buying, selling, or sharing online you’ll need a few SEO tips.

SEO brings potential customers to you based on what they search online. You can conduct your own independent SEO research to rank higher on search engines but it takes time and expertise for that to turn into a return on your investment.

Consider hiring an experienced marketing company to help you with this step. By working together, you can create an SEO strategy that makes it clear to customers what your business does. You can narrow your description to a few words or phrases that concisely explain the company and product or service.

3. Make the Most of Videos

People like entertaining videos – it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to be an expert in digital marketing tips to know that a viral video can be huge for a company’s reputation.

Consider how your company could use a video to communicate your message to customers. This is especially useful if you are selling a complicated or niche product that’s hard for people to understand. You can use whiteboard animation or animated doodling to make a complex topic easier to comprehend.

4. Be Smarter with Social Media Use

It’s not enough to post a hundred Facebook ads and expect customers to understand your business. You have to be careful about where you post, what you post, and when you post.

Luckily there are expert digital marketers that can help you with these insights. They can work with you to target the right audience with a message that perfectly explains your business. It can instantly get you better click-through rates and higher page views. If your goal is to get more website visitors, social media is a great place to start.

But when it comes to social media be sure you’re working smarter not harder. Don’t spend money on social media advertising unless you know it’s going to provide a return.

5. Send an Email

Want the opportunity to connect with potential customers and explain your business outright? What about an email? It’s a longer form of communication that allows you to dive deeper into your business and why people should care.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people in a few clicks. If you’re not sure how to make this kind of content marketing work for your business – don’t worry. You can get help with all different types of content marketing including email marketing for growth and retention

6. Paid Search

Have you heard of pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search? It’s one of the most effective forms of advertising for online businesses. A digital advertising agency can help you set up a PPC campaign to convert visitors to customers. And best of all – they can do it for an affordable price!

During this process, you can learn a lot about existing customers and site visitors that did not convert. If you notice a high number of site visitors but no additional sales, you might ask yourself whether your customers understand what you’re selling or what you want them to do. 

Think about adding paid search to your digital marketing strategy. It’s a meaningful learning experience for your business and a huge opportunity for growth.

7. Start a Blog 

What better way to introduce your company than by starting a blog? You can post relevant content to show customers what your business is all about.

For example, if your company is selling organic beauty supply products you might want to post about trends in hair, skin, and nails. In each of your blogs, you can take the opportunity to describe how your company is relevant to the blog topic. The article could include internal links to hair, skin, and nail products that readers can use to purchase items. As a result, your company can develop a voice and personality that people can relate to.

Make the Most of Digital Marketing 

With these solutions, you can introduce customers to your business – who you are and what you do. Using effective digital marketing strategies can transform your business in a matter of days.

Remember that people won’t invest in things they don’t understand. Educate consumers and be willing to connect with them wherever they are.Not sure whether hiring a marketing company is right for your business? Check out these case studies. Or better yet, contact us at Bear Fox Marketing and let us walk you through our solutions for your business!

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