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Creating the Evergreen Funnel: How Long Does It Actually Take?

evergreen funnel

Did you know that 95% of new product launches fail? Are you constantly worried about your next launch and whether or not it’s going to be big enough to carry you through the lean times? 

Every business owner fears the next downturn in their sales cycle. However, with an evergreen funnel, you can virtually eliminate the feast or famine cycle every salesperson fears. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what an evergreen sales funnel is, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about what it is and how to create one for your business.

What Is an Evergreen Funnel?

How would you like to automate your sales in a predictable way? You wouldn’t have to worry about low seasonal sales cycles or constantly launching every other month to your tired audience.

Instead, you continually fill your sales funnel with new leads and your system is set up to automatically guide them through their buyer’s journey toward purchasing your product. 

At the core, an evergreen funnel is a sales cycle that runs every day of the year. It isn’t seasonal, and it doesn’t rely on a launch to make the sales. The sales happen automatically as your customers interact with the funnel. 

How Long Should Your Sales Funnel Take?

The short answer here is that it depends. Unfortunately, the answer depends on several variables. Where your business is currently as well as your available resources can all affect how long it will take you to create your evergreen sales funnel. 

Additionally, if you already have an engaged audience, you can shorten the time between creating your funnel and realizing new sales. However, if you still need to grow your audience and fill your funnel, then you will need to realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

There are two ways you can speed up the process to create your funnel and start improving your sales. First, you can choose to invest in your funnel and work with an expert to create it. Second, you can speed up the process of finding your new prospects through paid advertising

However, if your resources are limited, you can still create amazing funnels that provide your business with a steady stream of sales automatically every day. Again, just realize that, if you’re doing it yourself and using free organic traffic, it might take longer. But it can still be done and we’ll show you how.  

How to Make an Evergreen Funnel

You’re ready to create your first evergreen funnel to help smooth out your seasonal sales cycles, but where do you start? Here are the four simple steps you need to take to build your next evergreen sales funnel. 

1. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Your first challenge in creating your evergreen sales funnel is to create a freebie offer they can’t turn down. To do this effectively, you need to start with market research to find out what your audience is searching for every day.

What problem can you solve quickly so they can experience a quick win and view you as an expert in your industry? This can be a one-page checklist or a longer white paper. It can also be a short discovery call on the phone with you if you’re a service provider or coach. 

Regardless of what you choose to offer, it must provide your ideal target with a quick win and it must solve a pain point. 

2. Nurture Your Audience Through the Funnel

The customer journey isn’t linear anymore. And your funnel needs to keep up. Your client might be on your site and like your product or service, but life is busy and people are constantly distracted in today’s society. 

Don’t risk your customers leaving your site without purchasing and ghosting on you even when they liked your offer. Instead, when you have their email address, you can show up in their inbox regularly offering them great content that solves their problems and establishes you as an authority in your industry. 

3. Analyze the Data

As you build and grow your funnel, you need to continually track your data. Watch your traffic levels to your freebie offer and see how many people choose to sign up for your offer. Regardless of whether you offer a free white paper download or a free thirty-minute discovery call, the average conversion rate across all industries is 2-5% of your traffic.

Now, if this number seems small, think about your current conversion rate. What would it mean for your business if you simply improve your conversions from one to two percent?

That would double your prospect list and hopefully lead to double the sales next month. What could that mean for your business? 

4. Fill Your Funnel

Finally, the most important step happens at the end. This is where you need to focus on growing your traffic sources and filling your funnel. How will you find your target audience? 

Will you have an organic SEO campaign and create valuable content for your audience? Will you create Facebook ads that lead to your landing page for your freebie offer? Regardless of whether you choose organic or paid traffic or both, you need to continually fill your funnel so that you never again have to worry about low sales months. 

Many people think that an evergreen funnel will allow them to put their sales on autopilot and never think about it again. However, if you don’t continue to fill your funnel with new, high-quality leads, you will see your sales dwindle quickly.

Focus on this step in the long-term, and you can control your revenue cycles for the long run. 

Shorten the Learning Curve With Help From the Pros

If you need some sales funnel help, then consider hiring an expert to help you create your next evergreen funnel. We help business owners like you every day, and we can help you grow and scale your business with an automated funnel today.

To learn more, you can read our case studies here. See how our clients are increasing their leads every month while also decreasing their cost per lead with sales funnels. 

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