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Building A Consistent Sales Funnel

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When building a new house, it’s important to start with some expertise and a plan. Working with architects, interior designers, and experienced contractors helps to lay the foundation for success. Building a consistent sales funnel is no different. It’s important to use the experts from both inside your organization and out to build a winning strategy.

1. Keep It Fresh

Just like a lake without a current can turn into a swamp, sales pools can also go stale. It’s important to remove dry and dead-end leads, but if you’re not pulling in fresh potential clients, you may find yourself in a desert. The first step to building a consistent sales funnel is finding ways to add in new prospective clients. At Bear Fox, we recommend using an inbound marketing strategy where the leads come to you. 46% of marketers said that inbound marketing resulted in a higher return on investment. In addition, 59% of marketers reported that inbound leads were higher quality than outbound (Ironpaper).

Regardless of which strategy and channel you chose, it is critical to give the proper time and attention to thoroughly set up and maintain it.

2. Have a Consistent Process

When conducting a science experiment, only one variable is changed at a time (Sciencing). Scientists do this so that they can see the effect of each change on the outcome of their study. Just like a scientific study, it’s hard to tell what’s working and what’s not if there isn’t a consistent sales process in place.

Once a repeatable sales experience is in place, gather feedback from the members of your sales team. Find out what works and what doesn’t. By making revisions over time, you can perfect the customer experience.

3. Nurture Until the Close

Some leads that come through may not be quite ready to do business with you when you first meet. This gives you a distinct opportunity to build a relationship and have your foot already in the door when they are ready. To keep these prospects from going stale, find ways to become an advisor and connect their needs with your services. According to Salesforce, 79% of B2B buyers believe that a sales rep needs to also be a trusted source of advice. Make sure that your sales process capitalizes on this.

4. Regeneration (Referrals)

This step can supercharge your sales funnel. Remember that amazing client experience you put together? This is where it really begins to pay off. 84% of B2B purchases are now beginning with a referral (HBR). Sounds important, right? Incentivizing your current clients through a quality experience or a referral program will help this to work in your favor. During a recent survey of a sales team, 91% of clients said that they would be willing to give referrals. The shocking part? Only 11% of the sales staff asked (Hubspot). Don’t miss out on this massive potential for new growth.

Growing a business can be a challenge, but building a consistent sales funnel is an essential part of that process. By maintaining a consistent flow of leads, your growth can be predictable and scalable. For more tips on how to improve your sales funnel, send us an email.

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