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The Biggest Creative Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Creative Content Marketing

The Biggest Creative Content Marketing Trends of 2017

The key to successful content marketing is to be creative. Anyone can write a blog or post a video.

So how can your company stand out in the vast website crowd?

Be original! Creative content marketing will allow your business to make its mark in the digital world.

Unsure of how to add a unique touch to your content marketing? Read on!

Top 7 Ways to Use Creative Content Marketing

Creativity doesn’t always come naturally. Finding new ways to use original marketing techniques can be difficult.

Here are 7 simple ways to use creative content marketing.

1. Use Different Forms of Digital Media

Blogs work great, but there are other unique ways to share content with your users. Displaying information in new ways keeps your content exciting to read.

Interested in some fun digital media formats? Here are a few to consider!


A slideshare is similar to a PowerPoint presentation. Small bits of information are presented in a slide format. Be sure to use graphics!


An infographic allows you to display data using a chart or diagram. Did you know that people retain 65% of the information they see in images? Infographs are a must for creative content marketing.


YouTube is a booming industry. With millions of views a day, videos have become a useful marketing tool. Instead of writing a DIY blog, video it! This will keep your readers interested in your new marketing content.

Don’t settle for traditional ways of displaying content. Think outside the box and embrace creative content marketing!

2. Use Catchy Headlines

The first thing your reader sees when looking at your content is the headline. If the headline isn’t catchy, your reader isn’t likely to click to keep reading!

There is an art to creating quality headlines. Here are a few headline writing tips.

  • Be unique
  • Make a promise to your reader
  • Use numbers
  • Be specific
  • Use interesting adjectives
  • Use trigger words such as why, how and what

Your headlines have to be attention-grabbing. Be sure that your content headlines super intriguing.

3. Use Podcasts

Podcasts are a fun way to share content with your client-base. You can use a podcast for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Interviews with the owner
  • Q&A sessions
  • Ask me anything sessions
  • A new form of blogging
  • Share tips and tricks related to your niche

Want to create the perfect podcast? Here are some tips!

Time Management

Your podcast shouldn’t be super long, but it also shouldn’t be too short! Use just enough time to provide the necessary information. Hour long podcasts are likely to bore your listeners.

Focus on Interesting Topics

Create podcasts about topics that are interesting. Remember, you’ve got to entertain and inform!

Use Top Notch Audio Equipment

Podcasts are fully audio-based. Poor audio means poor quality podcasts. Use high-quality audio equipment, such as microphones and headsets.

4. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for social media marketing. You can use social media websites as a way to share content.

Use social media to pose questions to get your audience involved. Post snippets of blog posts and redirect your clients to your website.

There are plenty of ways to use social media that includes content marketing.

Aside from text-based posts, you can also use pictures and videos. Post a picture on Instagram. Or create an Instagram story to really draw your readers’ interest.

If done right, your content can go viral!

5. Be Responsive

Customers ask questions and post comments. In return, customers want to hear from your company!

Leave the communication door open. Provide as many communication lines as possible. Be willing to have open conversations with your clients!

Responsiveness can be met in many ways.

Use an auto-responder for emails so that clients know you received their message. Set a goal to respond to all customers within 24 hours.

Have customer service representatives available in various ways. Many customers like fast answers.

The best way to achieve this? Chat!

Ensure your customer service reps are also responding on social media. This allows you to build deep connections with your client base.

When responding, be personable. Make your customers feel comfortable with asking questions in the future.

Remember, happy clients are returning clients!

6. Make a Quiz

Quizzes are a fun way to share information while getting your reader’s involved. Outcome quizzes are always exciting. Quizzes can be created about any topic!

Want to test your reader’s knowledge about cars? What about marketing techniques?

The options are endless!

Quizzes are popular among the Internet crowd. In fact, most quizzes are shared more than 1,900 times.

You can create a quiz based on content you’ve already published. There’s no use in reinventing the wheel if the data is already there!

7. Make Entertaining Content a Marketing Objective

Content marketing is a big play on human psychology. When customers read your content, they want to feel positive feelings.

Aren’t you more likely to read something if it makes you happy or excited? The best way to create positive feelings in your content? Use humor!

Not only should your content be informative, it also needs to be entertaining.

If your content can make your readers laugh, you’ve won the battle.

Humor needs to come naturally. Forced humor is just as bad as low-quality content. Find ways to incorporate funny words while keeping your content useful.

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