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7 Services a Digital Marketing Agency Can Use to Grow Your Business

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Did you know that 64% of consumers are influenced by marketing videos promoted online? The marketing and advertising sector has seen tremendous changes over the last decade.

The majority of consumers (70%) prefer researching products and services through high-impact content. Sometimes, you may produce high-quality services or products with a ready market.

But you might face challenges when selling consumers the product or service. For example, 47% of Google searches are people looking for local solutions within a five-mile radius.

Modern marketing is a bit daunting. However, if you feel the same way, you can opt for a digital marketing agency to do all the heavy lifting. The agencies provide services such as running email campaigns, search engine optimization, and social media advertisements.

This post focuses on seven services that a digital marketing agency can offer a business to ensure continuous growth.

1. Latest Tools and Tech

In the modern age, companies can no longer ignore the impact of digital marketing. As traditional methods get outdated, marketers are now dependent on various digital marketing tools.

Having a solid and updated marketing tech stack makes the entire process easier. Digital marketing agencies utilize the latest tools and technologies.

For example, suppose your business was lagging behind competitors, the agency takes advantage of the many marketing tools available to bring the company up to date.

The tools are divided into varying categories. Each tool category focuses on business goals, especially when using them for digital marketing.

Social Platforms Marketing Tools

By now, we have all experienced the growth of social media platforms, from simple social messaging to advanced digital marketing platforms. Currently, most people on social media are looking to either buy or sell a product.

There are many social platforms, and trying to interact with all of them can prove tedious. Dedicated marketing tools allow you to publish meaningful content while keeping track of your business’s goals.

The software also organizes your calendar and assets in one place, giving you ultimate control.

Conversion Optimization Tools

You can write keyword-rich content. But still, fail to convert consumers on-site. Consumers can be irritated by minor issues like having the wrong color on the call-to-action button.

Conversion optimization tools help you tackle similar problems by giving cues on what works best.

Some conversion optimization tools allow the user to test different portions of their targeted consumers. Other devices will provide you with real-time visual records of all the visitors’ behaviors and actions on your website.

Landing Page and Lead Capture Tools

It only takes a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer. Therefore, landing pages are no longer pretty and cool. But rather a conscious effort to try and attract a visitor’s attention.

Therefore, landing pages are the most critical part of converting a potential customer on-site.

Tools focusing on lead capture and landing pages ensure that traffic doesn’t go to waste, with more visitors likely to take action. Such tools optimize the placement of popups or ads, ensuring they are not disruptive.

Graphic Creation Tools

In more ways than one, graphic creation tools are the backbone of digital marketing. Graphics, memes, infographics, and graphs are some common forms of marketing in the digital world.

Visuals are at the center of branding. Graphic creation tools allow marketers to create visually stunning marketing graphics. Most tools don’t require technical knowledge because they are designed for easy use.

2. High-Impact Content

Crafting high-impact content for digital marketing is considered the most efficient search engine optimization tactic by at least 72% of online marketers.

To understand the importance of content, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing, accounting for 39% of their marketing budget.

Digital marketing agencies understand that customers depend on high-impact content from experts to make informed purchase decisions. In addition, search engines also rely on great content when delivering search results for a query.

The agency starts by first studying the target audience through surveys and questionnaires. After the survey, they present an infographic detailing how visitors consume information from your website or social media accounts.

After this, they will develop high-impact content marketing strategies for the different platforms available. The process should uphold the company’s brand in terms of tone and visual marketing messages. The high-impact strategy is designed to accomplish the following five things.

Maximize Conversions

The ultimate goal of content is to convert visitors. Therefore, agencies create content that is concise, informative, updated, and interesting. They also define the call to action that communicates the importance of going to the next step.

Better Consumer Understanding

Through surveys, agencies can understand what best works for your customers. The agency then creates a content-strategic plan that resonates with your potential customers.

The content needs to be personalized and addresses the problems the consumers are going through.

Align With Company Branding

Your content is a public image of your business. To that end, agencies ensure that content is aligned with your company’s brand. Content should give back a clear reflection of the position and image you want to get within a given market.

Include Viral Features

Going viral is easy and challenging in equal measure. Through many years of experience, digital marketing agencies have a better understanding of making content viral.

For example, they can post divisive content to evoke emotional responses, which isn’t morally right. Or they can create helpful and factual content that gets shared widely.

3. Create Online Presence

Having millions of followers on social media does not necessarily mean google ranks your business first in its search engine.

Though the metrics provide significant advantages, having an online presence means potential customers will find you when they look up your business.

Creating an online presence can become challenging for individuals not familiar with digital marketing. A digital agency will start by covering the basics for you.

Then, they create listings and accounts based on the search patterns and best practices for the consumer. Experienced digital marketing agencies will extend their services to include social media, SEO, and paid search campaigns.

They build social communities which concentrate interested consumers in one group—making it easier to target the right keywords while creating impactful content for the different platforms.

Some popular platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and other digital media. The agency creates accounts on platforms where they can find a majority of your targeted market.

Here is a breakdown of the major social media platforms used for digital marketing:


The platform boasts of more than 2.28 billion active monthly users. It is the most preferred digital marketing platform, with more than one billion people viewing ads every month.

Digital marketing agencies use Facebook Ad Manager to create adverts based on age, location, and level of education, among many more options.

Facebook allows agencies to create Custom Audiences to reach already existing customers.

The platform also has the Lookalike Audiences feature that uses patterns from Custom Audiences to recommend consumers with similar characteristics.


Facebook owns Instagram and shares a billion active monthly users. So it uses the same marketing features available in its parent company. But since it’s a visual platform, it allows businesses to showcase their personalities.


YouTube is a video-content sharing platform that allows businesses to upload an unlimited amount of content. As a product of Google, there are significant SEO benefits of using YouTube for digital marketing campaigns.

The platform has two billion active monthly users globally and is the second-largest search engine behind Google.

Google My Business

Compared to other platforms, Google My Business (GMB) is not a social media website per se. However, the platform offers free features that are not available on most socials, even Facebook.

Here are the significant benefits of Google My Business:

• Content posted on the platform is more searchable. The post appears directly on Google Search and Google Maps since the search is keyword focused

• Google averages about 5.6 billion searches per day. Using the platform extends your business reach to reach the whole world

• Ranking on Google is affected by relevant search queries and location authority. Posting content through GMB legitimizes your content to Google, which consequently ranks your website higher

• GMB allows users to include a call to action buttons on their posts. It also gets backlinks that play a huge role in organic search results


Professionals primarily use the platform as their preferred social media network. Agencies use the platform to connect with partners in the same sector and update consumers on current business news.

It’s also the best platform for B2B marketing and consumes about 46% of all social media traffic targeting B2B companies.


Pinterest is similar to Instagram. It is a visual platform where companies showcase their product or services. The majority of Pinterest users are female, and it’s an oasis for day-dreamers.

But that should not limit you from placing adverts on the platform. In addition, 80% of Pinterest users have successfully made a purchase through the platform.


Twitter is famous for sharing current trends. It’s quick-paced and is perfect for sharing your business take on a recent trend. The audience might be a bit young, but it’s split almost evenly between women and men.

Digital marketing agencies utilize hashtags to reach new audiences. Twitter is also beneficial for monitoring negative and positive reviews from existing customers.

4. Keep Up to Date With SEO Algorithms

Every company or business with a website needs to understand the merits of SEO algorithms fully. Explained, the SEO decides if your business will be the first to appear on any SERP (search engine result page) hence increasing your audience.

More than 30% of the users searching always click on the first result that pops first. Therefore, a digital marketing agency is very crucial to your business.

It employs SEO algorithms that easily enchant a lot of potential buyers. The reason behind this is because almost all new users in search of a product or service will first turn to a search engine.

For example, almost 80% of buyers conduct searches online, and half of the users will discover a new company or product. Thus, SEO as a marketing strategy helps your business to earn a spot on the first page.

In digital marketing, we look at SEO as an essential tool. So let’s see some of the few benefits of staying up to date with all the latest SEO trends.

Improves User Experience on Your Website

Google wants its users to feel and unearth the best content there is, so they prioritize businesses and websites with similar goals in mind. As a result, the best user experience helps in ranking your website higher in search engines.

Increases Speed Time on Your Website

Page load time is a critical factor. If your website’s page load pace is fast, it helps your buyers to find their product fast. On the other hand, if the speed is slow, the buyer might bounce from that page without looking at the content.

Therefore, SEO prioritizes the page load rate guaranteeing faster rates.

Increases Your Sales via Inbound Leads

Users are searching for your product/service online when they find your business. Therefore, your customers are the ones who discover your company, which means less work for you and more revenue, unlike sales via outbound leads which requires a call and an email, among others.

Establish a Brand Awareness

We focus on SEO. We create a large platform increasing our audience hence more visitor traffic; this elevates your brand awareness and motivates more users to buy your products/services.

5. Develop Long and Short-Term Strategies

Developing a marketing plan is a process that takes time. And to create a successful marketing plan, you’ll need to choose which marketing strategy to choose (short-term and long-term).

Both are good marketing strategies and paramount to your business, but there’s a difference between the two.

One significant problem businesses face is which marketing strategy to choose from, whether it will be disruptive or organic marketing. How will you help your business grow short term and still prepare it to survive in the long run?

Agencies take time to identify and gather research on your selected audience. As online marketing grows at fast rates, strategically investing in it will be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business to keep it running long term and be ahead of the competition.

We have listed some of the top best marketing activities that are sure to yield success in both your short-term and long-term strategies.

Short Term Marketing Strategies

Just as the name suggests, “short-term strategies” typically accomplish your business’s short-term goals. The short-term goal is crucial for any company you want to start and vital for long-term growth.

The short-term goal will eventually build up into your long-term strategy, which will help you achieve the bigger picture in the long run. We’ve listed a few tactics to bring about short-term marketing success.

Reduced Price Promotions

Lowering the price motivates people to purchase. You most likely have window shoppers who have intentions of buying but haven’t made a move to. By reducing the cost for a limited amount of time, you encourage your customers to act.

Group Offers

This strategy is very effective for gaining exposure, especially with new customers. In addition, you can fix orders to provide constant discounts for essential clients or groups.

Long Term Marketing Strategies

In long-term marketing strategies, it’s vital to remember that it’s not a race but a marathon. It may seem frustrating to wait for months to one year or longer to see results.

But with a plan in place, a long-term strategy does pay off.

Expanding a business takes time and needs a plan; where do you want the company to be in ten years? What initiatives will you set in place to ensure your business doesn’t collapse? Here are a few tactics to achieve long-term success.

Social Media

Social media is one of the top channels used for promoting products and can be used to achieve both short and long-term strategies. The critical point will be to organize a plan to achieve both marketing strategies to guarantee the success of your business for years to come.

Publishing Content

Publishing fresh and relevant content regularly like blog posts will attract traffic, placing you among the top leaders in your field of expertise.

6. Monitor and Evaluate Campaign Analytics

The rise in the digital landscape allows businesses to understand the merits of investing online. But, of course, we’re talking about websites or any digital platform.

A vast number of marketers, exceeding 76%, believe that marketing has changed a lot more in two years than it has in the past 50 years with the rise of an online presence. Additionally, 99% of companies plan to add to their investments with at least one online channel.

Technically, it’s a great idea to launch a digital marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and gain an advantage over others. But, unfortunately, putting in all your time, creative mindset, and resources frequently isn’t enough to guarantee success.

The good news is that with the right strategies in place, digital marketing campaigns aren’t that hard to measure.

Digital Marketing Agencies Set Goals Clearly

Setting clear goals before starting a digital campaign is the first step that works like a compass in helping and guiding you throughout the campaign.

Now, digital marketing can serve various purposes, so we need to determine what exactly it is you want to achieve with your marketing campaign. For example, would you like to generate leads or keep your customers?

Every objective requires different channels and different tactics, which is why your goals should be specific and achievable.

Know Your Metrics

The channel you use and your marketing KPIs are both related to your specific goal, but still, there’s a few basic metrics you should record before starting your marketing campaign:

• The overall website traffic you gain.

• New visitors who show you how relevant your topic is.

• The conversion rate depending on your campaign.

• Page view etc.

Choosing the Right Tools

We compile a list of all the metrics you want to focus on. The next task will be to find the right tools to help you record the results. But this depends on your particular needs.

For example, for SEO, you could kick off with google analytics as your foundation. There are many free analytics tools you can use for any social network that provides its analytics feature.

There’s one problem associated with it. To estimate the successful outcome of a multichannel campaign, you’ll need an extensive wide range of tools and dashboards. That is why you should consider automating your campaign analytics.

7. Manage Your Budget Efficiently

Managing the budget has proved to be frustrating for a lot of businesses. The issue with budgets is that you need to plan and estimate how much money you’re ready to invest over a given period. Hence you have to create a budget plan.

Agencies will develop a good plan of how to implement the budget and cut costs where necessary. Basically, the budget can compromise the digital tools, media costs, and agency fees, among others.

Planning a meticulous budget, provided with all the necessary details, can go a long way.

Building a Budgeting Plan

Planning a long-term budget secures the investment allowing the agency to plan out all investments over a specified period. So, if you spend time addressing the budget, you can be sure the agency will also stick to the plan.

What will happen without a budgeting plan?

Without a plan, your money will be moving around, resulting in under-investment, which can be catastrophic for your business.

Key Considerations When Planning a Budget

The following are key areas you’ll need to evaluate when planning a budget:

• What objectives do you have in place?

• How much money are you planning to invest?

• Are you limiting your budget or under-investing?

• Have you assigned a budget to cover campaigns?

• What is your target audience?

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