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7 Helpful Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

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It is estimated that there are now 2.912 billion monthly users on Facebook. 1.929 billion of those people log on at least once a day. So how can you harness that traffic to benefit your business?

It takes time but with the correct plan, it can be done. Read on as your local Boise ad agency shares its tips on enhancing your Facebook presence. 

1. Optimize Your Profile Page

When you optimize your profile page, you should be using it to attract people and direct them to a goal. Making sure all your information is up to date is standard procedure. What matters is what happens afterward. 

Don’t just link directly to your website home page. Choose something that is going to wow them and grab their attention instantly. A custom-built landing page with new products and offers is a great solution. 

Once you hit 25 followers, you will also have the option to choose your own Facebook URL. Make sure this is easy to remember and includes your business name and keywords related to your brand. 

2. Know the Aim of Your Post

One of the main Facebook marketing pitfalls novice companies fall into is posting without intent. Regular posting is vital but when your posts lack substance, it harms your brand identity. 

Make sure each post adds something of value to your audience. Consider what its aim is.

Are you trying to build a relationship, getting people to establish personal connections with your mission statement? Or are you building excitement for new products or lines?

This can be hard to do, especially when you log onto social media and see other brands doing the opposite. Keep watching your marketing strategy metrics and you should develop a rewarding routine. 

3. Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar can greatly assist your marketing strategy. This will ensure you have plenty of time to create content and posts of value. Ideally, this should be done around two weeks before the event, depending on the type of post or content. 

Start by adding national days and holidays of importance. Then zone into events that are specific to your industry or niche. After this, you can narrow it down to dates that are important to your company like product releases and sales. 

4. Utilize Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are short vertical video posts that go at the top of a feed. Videos can last for 20 seconds, but you can even create them from a text that appears for 5 seconds. They stay up for 24 hours and then vanish. 

These posts have a much more casual feel. As they are at the top of the page they are often the first thing to be clicked on. They are also not part of the Facebook algorithm.

All of this means you can create much more casual content for them. Ask questions, post-behind-the-scenes videos, or even do live feeds. Use it to invite followers into your company and build a relationship as you do so. 

5. Don’t Obsess Over Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are any statistics that are a measure of social popularity. Likes, posts shares, and follows are typical. While these are a fair indicator of how popular a brand is, following them is a false economy. 

The reason for this is that all that matters is how social media impacts your profit margins. One follower who spends $100 on your products is better than a million who spend nothing. 

This becomes increasingly important when you invest in paid social media marketing advertising. If you put $1000 into an ad campaign, you want at least $1000 or more back from it. Following likes and shares is not representative of this. 

6. Grow Your Budget

One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook is its ability to hone your marketing campaign. You can set a daily budget, then target people based on specific criteria. These can include everything from gender, location, income, and people’s likes and dislikes. 

Getting the target audience right does take time. As campaigns can be altered as they run, you can improve them as they go. A company that offers marketing services will be able to handle this for you. 

By starting with a small budget, you have less to lose. When you start to get it right, increase your spending. All of this means you get a much better return on investment and you don’t have to invest in huge campaigns that may not work. 

7. Understand the Facebook Pixel

Retargeting is a method of social media advertising in which you target people who have already visited your website. They may have left because they got distracted, or went away to think about your products and services. It has a very high success rate, bringing them back and often converting them into a sale. 

So Facebook knows who has visited the site, you have to install the Facebook pixel. This is a small line of code that relays information. Once installed you can start your remarketing campaigns. 

As well as retargeting, the pixel allows you to access Facebook’s lookalike feature. This lets you target people who have not visited your site but have similar habits to the ones who do. This can open you up to a brand new audience. 

Getting Assistance From a Local Boise Ad Agency

Now you know these Facebook marketing tips, see how you can introduce them to your strategy. You may have to start again, creating a new plan from the beginning. Marketing can be a full-time job in itself, so don’t be afraid to get assistance. 

Bear Fox Marketing is a local Boise ad agency that can help build your online presence. From SEO to content, we can act as your marketing agency. Contact us here so we can help you thrive in the digital economy. 

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