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5 Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Revenue

5 Tips to Increase eCommerce Website Revenue

As traditional companies struggle to retain brick and mortar locations there is a great opportunity within eCommerce for businesses. You can increase market share and generate additional website revenue with the right tools.

Making the most of a digital marketing and operations strategy means integrating social media, marketing automation, and proven technology tools to cater to your customer base.

Unfortunately, with the marketplace shifting so rapidly there can be confusion on which direction to move. For eCommerce growth there are many different routes.

But you can feel confident your time and investments are solid. Just follow these 5 guidelines for increasing website revenue:

1. Invest in Social Media

If your website revenue strategy is sitting in a silo you may be missing out. Social media integration will provide your greatest consumer reach.

The reason for the growth of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is because of the results social networking sites can provide. They will help you and your website revenue.

The targeted reach and integrated analytics capabilities of social media campaigns mean gains for your company. You will be gathering market and consumer research for every dollar you spend on social media ads.

A Direct Return

What we love about social media investments is the direct return on investment (ROI) they offer. There is first off the boost your SEO will receive.

But your company should be able to draw a direct line between every ad and the results across the board.

Social media advertising is effective at any scale. It is also easy to experiment with.

Companies can experiment with smaller campaigns. Then they can double down on the results they get from successful investments.

Unlike traditional marketing and traditional media ads, social media campaigns target a specific consumer base. That base is ideally suited for your services and products.

With this approach, you will know that every ad is delivered to your target audience.

2. Leveraging Video for Website Revenue

Video is one of the greatest ways to take advantage of a changing digital landscape. It will help boost your website revenue.

The reason nearly 75% of all internet content will be video in 2017 is that it is what consumers want.

Responding to the needs of your visitors is part of a customer-centric strategy. Do this and consumers are sure to reward you.

A big part of Facebook’s recent 45% revenue growth is the success of mobile video ads.

The ancillary benefits of video content include increased engagement, boosting SEO, and greater access to the YouTube search engine. Don’t forget, YouTube is a network that processes billions of searches per month.

3. Don’t Get Abandoned

Any automated marketing strategy should include special attention to those items your website visitors leave in their online shopping carts. With an abandoned rate of 77.3% for 2017, there is a major opportunity here.

You can boost website revenue by circling back to your customers who were almost there.

Abandoned shopping carts might seem like heartbreak to traditional retailers and marketing experts. But this level of consumer data and access should equal increased sales for your website.

Simply put, you know more about what a specific consumer wants and what their exact buying habits are with the items they abandon in their shopping cart.

Coupling this data with targeted ads allows marketers to turn every shopping experience into a possible sale.

4. Cross-Selling

Shopping carts let you get a better view into your customer’s buying habits. You can capitalize on their clear interest in specific goods and services.

The same level of data collection and analysis can also be employed to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities.

If you know your customers are interested in specific good or service you should also be leveraging that data. Create target opportunities for additional products and services.

As with shopping cart marketing, you can create specialized automated offers that align with the buying habits of similar customers. Capitalizing on the ability to up-sell any single purchase is a great strategy.

This is the way market leaders like Amazon propelled their eCommerce empires.

5. Testimonials

Your customers rely most on earned media, or testimonials, when it comes to making decisions on which goods and services to purchase. In fact, 92% of consumers say they prefer earned media to all other channels when it comes to making a purchase decision.

An effort to increase website revenue and deploy an effective marketing campaign should include this strategic effort: You will solicit and share reviews and testimonials.

An integrated approach might use testimonials and reviews as the basis for social media ads, or web content. You can even use testimonials for products and cross-selling opportunities.

Integrate this into your automation strategy.

Staying Focused

Even the savviest marketing professionals and entrepreneurs can feel challenges. And when it comes to operating in the digital economy there are many to overcome.

While there are more tools, greater levels of data (and more of it), and precise access to customers, some of these assets can be confusing.

The best way to stay focused is to remember that every move you make in eCommerce should be an investment. And that investment should be in creating conversions.

Knowing the best ways to increase your conversion ratio, and regularly adjusting your strategy is important. It is how winners in the digital marketplace integrate operations and marketing.

If your marketing and operations aren’t forming and changing one another with the digital tools at your disposal it’s a problem. You are still trying to operative a traditional business in a new marketplace.

Rather than creating a product line or strategy and then choosing to market it, each arm of your organization should inform the other.

Staying focused on website revenue and increased conversions will help you learn more about your customers. You will also know what strategies are working and how to best adapt to their changing needs.

An Integrated Approach

If your company is struggling to juggle each of the requirements in an integrated approach there is help. You can get support to generate additional web revenue and Bear Fox Marketing will assist you.

Companies who are struggling to generate qualified leads and make the most of their marketing efforts need help. You will find our team can help bring you to the next level of eCommerce excellence.

As strategies change and technology tools adapt there is little time to compromise. When it comes to digital commerce things change fast.

If you don’t deploy the best tools are tactics your competition may capitalize on the delay.

Don’t wait to make the most of your business. Come learn more about Bear Fox Marketing and our suite of services.

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