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10 Reasons Bear Fox Marketing is a Top Agency in Idaho

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Did you know there are over 100,000 small businesses in the state of Idaho? Out of these small businesses in the state, over 40,000 have employees, with the remaining being small businesses that don’t have employees.

Whatever the number of employees you might have at your Idaho-based business, it’s clear that there are many small businesses in the state. This means it’s important for you to stand out, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

If you don’t know where to get started, this can be quite stressful. Fortunately, Bear Fox Marketing is a top agency in Idaho that can help you with your marketing.

In this article, we’ll review all the reasons why we are listed as a top agency in Idaho.

Finally, you can hire the best Idaho marketing company and put your business on the map, getting more customers than ever. Read on to learn more.

1. Commitment to Growth

One of the reasons Bear Fox Marketing stands out among marketing agencies in Idaho is that we’re committed to the growth of the companies we work with. We want to do everything we can to make your company more successful and get you more clients.

Additionally, we’ll continue to work with you after this growth has occurred.

Considering that your digital marketing needs will change as your business grows, it’s good to know that as you change you have a partner in us through every step.

You’ll be able to maintain your branding and work with a familiar team even as your business becomes bigger than ever.

2. A Customer-Centric Approach

The approach Bear Fox Marketing uses is customer-centric. This means that when we’re putting together your marketing materials, we match your business’s unique selling proposition with a specific problem your customer needs to fix.

At the same time, we make your customer feel that they’re a hero.

In addition to getting attention from your ideal clients, this strategy will help you get more loyal customers over time.

This ensures your company’s digital marketing will be successful both at the beginning and as Bear Fox Marketing continues to work with you, building up your customer base.

3. A Dedicated Team

At Bear Fox Marketing, you also get a dedicated team. Instead of one or two people working on your marketing campaign, you have a team of four to five specialists who will each add something unique to the campaign.

This will save you both money and time, as you won’t have to hire a variety of different people to complete the different tasks of your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, this team will be working together from the beginning, so they’ll all be working from the same game plan with the same larger goals in mind.

4. Years of Experience

Even though the company got a new name when it merged back in March 2017, the agency has actually been around since 2011. That’s over ten years of experience in marketing, with many of these years having been when the digital marketing world was undergoing numerous transformations.

The co-founders at Bear Fox Marketing also each owned a digital marketing agency of their own before they began working together.

Together, our co-founders have a total experience in the marketing world of 40 years. This is outside of the experience everyone else on the Bear Fox Marketing team has.

While there are many marketing agencies out there that work in marketing, there aren’t as many that have such a large amount of experience as Bear Fox. This makes this company a great choice for Idaho-based businesses.

5. A Large Variety of Clients

In part because of how long the company has been around, Bear Fox Marketing has served a large variety of clients, from smaller start-ups to firms that are large and international. Whatever the size of your business, wherever you are in your development, Bear Fox Marketing can help.

6. We’ll Plan With You From Start to Finish

When you work with Bear Fox Marketing, we’ll plan your marketing with you from start to finish. First, we discuss your goals in terms of revenue and how long you’re hoping that they’ll take, with the idea of working backward from those goals.

Next, we’ll carefully take a look at the industry your company is in and your company itself, so that we can learn which opportunities are best for your business.

Then we’ll put together marketing for some revenue-building activities that are short-term. For example, these might include setting up a paid search or expanding your social media presence.

We’ll also put together a plan for long-term activities that build your revenue, such as content marketing and SEO.

While all these plans begin to take effect, Bear Fox Marketing will be open with you about how they’re doing and will share the results of these efforts with you.

The idea is to be completely transparent and to continue to work together as your company grows, updating plans as goals shift over time.

7. A Variety of Services

Bear Fox Marketing offers a variety of services, including content marketing, branding/positioning, inbound marketing, Pay-Per-Click, marketing consulting/strategy, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Content marketing is an essential part of marketing, as this is a way for your business to start putting content out there that builds up your brand and gets you more customers.

Branding/positioning is key for any business, but it’s especially important for a new business. If you’re just getting your business off the ground, Bear Fox Marketing can make a huge difference in this area.

Inbound marketing is necessary to draw in new customers and also to build up a loyal customer base.

Social media marketing is an essential part of marketing these days because it’s a way for you to find your customers online, using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Bear Fox Marketing will be able to handle not only posting on social media but also creating entire social media campaigns and analyzing results so your campaigns are as successful as possible.

Search engine marketing, also known as SEO, will help potential customers find you when they complete search engine queries.

Bear Fox Marketing can research what your clients want, find the right keywords, and use the best strategies to improve your SEO.

These services, along with those of PPC marketing and marketing consulting/ strategy, will help your company have an impressive presence.

8. Great Reviews

When it comes to Bear Fox marketing reviews, these are some of the best ones out there. If you look at the reviews on our website, you’ll notice that Bear Fox Marketing has been lauded as having a “super professional team” and that the team is “top-notch.”

Additionally, when it comes to digital marketing, we’ve been described as “smart and experienced.”

We have also been described as “absolutely stellar,” as being a “good partner,” having communication and responsiveness that’s “excellent,” and as having a “team of rockstars.”

To learn more about what past clients have said, check out Bear Fox Marketing’s reviews now.

9. Professional and Friendly Communication

At Bear Fox Marketing, you’ll be working with a team that does more than improve your marketing. We’ll also offer professional and friendly communication, staying in touch with you both while you’re considering being a client and once you are our client.

10. We Have the Right Values

One of the reasons why Bear Fox Marketing is such an impressive company is that we have the right values and stick to them. These include valuing partnerships, having integrity, and understanding the importance of value when it comes to maximizing your ROI.

Additionally, we care about being leaders in our field and in having integrity in everything we do.

Interested in Working With Bear Fox Marketing?

Now that you’ve learned the reasons why Bear Fox Marketing is a top agency in Idaho, you might be interested in working with us. This might be the case whether you’re a new business or an older business that wants to update its marketing.

Whatever you’re looking to do with your marketing, we at Bear Fox Marketing can help. We offer a variety of services, including SEO, social media advertising, content marketing, and more.To learn more about how Bear Fox Marketing can help your business, contact us now.

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